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Polymedia Profile - Educational solutions


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About Polymedia company (established in 1998) - one of the biggest Russian Integrators in AV / Educational segment,

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Polymedia Profile - Educational solutions

  1. 1. POLYMEDIA 1998 – 2013 Leader at Russian AV System integration DESIGN. INTEGRATION. INSTALLATION.
  2. 2. Polymedia Russia & CIS Office Locations
  3. 3. • 15 years on the AV market • 14 companies in the largest cities of Russia and CIS • 700 partners in the Dealer network all over Russia • 480 employees, 200 engineers and programmers of the highest class • 10 titles of Polymedia in-house Software & hardware development • In-house Design Office • In-house Center of development • LED Screens Production under own brand (OEM) • 20 monthly workshops in the Training Center • Scientific and practical expertise in the field of Situational Centers and Control Rooms
  4. 4. Diplomas, Licenses, Certificates
  5. 5. Authorised partner for world-famous companies
  6. 6. Polymedia services • Crestron / Extron / C-nario programming • Software Development • Design & Production • System Installation • CAD design • 3D Facilities Design • Service and Maintenance • Training • Consultancy
  7. 7. Basic types of Polymedia solutions Situation Centers Meeting rooms Control rooms Solutions for Education Conference halls Sport & Entertainment Distance learning solutions Digital signage
  8. 8. • Member of InfoComm International ® and AV Global Alliance • Elena Novikova (Polymedia CEO) is a member of TOP 100 InfoComm • Winner of ProIntegration Awards - 2010, ’11, ’12, ’13 • Winner of InAVation Awards – 2010, ‘11, ‘13 • other awards : BETT, PC Magazine, MT2 Top 100, CeBIT America Best of Show Award, Comenius, Technology & Learning Award of Excellence, Good Design Award of Japan, Best Educational Software (BESSIEs), Education Software Review (EDDIES), Rental & Staging Systems Magazine
  9. 9. Solutions for Education
  10. 10. Solutions for Education 1999 – Polymedia was the first company, launched IWB in Russia 2013 – 4,5 MIO kids are working with IWB 2005 – EDCommunity – special web site for teachers launched 2013 – – 13 000 teachers, 5000 lessons, 1000 daily visitors Twice «Best commercial company in Russian Education» («Teacher newspaper» quiz)
  11. 11. Complex approach – solutions for school (school room) Video-conference Interactive white-board Interactive display Tablet PCs Document camera Laptop/Classmate PC Interactive table Learning response system
  12. 12. Complex approach – solutions for school (multifunctional hall) Projector screen Interface for laptop Interactive boards Lighting solutions Audio systems Document camera Projector Microphone Remote control of the system Double display Interactive display Podium
  13. 13. Complex approach – solutions for school (scientific/laboratory room) Video-conference Chemistry digital labs Tablet & personal SLS device based Interactive white-board Physics digital labs (laptop based)
  14. 14. Finished projects: Krasnodar Territory Distant Learning System Distant Learning system -124 schools (51 urban and 73 rural ones) of Krasnodar Territory - 1resource center (servers for recording, and portal for teachers)
  15. 15. Educational projects - samples - Distant Learning System in Lipetsk region - Moscow state university solution
  16. 16. Skolkovo business school
  17. 17. Moscow State University
  18. 18. Pedagogical conference – Suzdal, July 2013 315 participants, 800 ON-LINE cpnnections
  19. 19. Professonal contests among teachers POLYMEDIA – официальный партнер конкурса «Учитель года России» в течении уже 9 лет Организация профессиональных конкурсов на лучший урок и лучшую методическую разработку среди учителей РФ Программа поддержки творческих учителей «Клуб творческих партнеров» Интернет-сообщество объединяет 9000 активных учителей Конкурс «Учитель Года России 2006» Каждый год - 2 победителя награждены поездкой в Лондон на международную выставку ВЕТТ
  20. 20. End-consumer support / education EdCommunity.RU • 13 000 teachers • 10 methodists • More than 3 000 lessons • Webinars • Online-support 24/7 Polymedia learning center: More than 584 teachers studied in Q2-Q3 2013
  21. 21. Samples of installations done by Polymedia
  22. 22. Digital Signage technologies for Rostelecom flagship offices 4 cities – Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi, Krasnoyarsk • Design was prepared by Start JudgeGill agency (UK), all installation and maintenance was done by Polymedia • 50 multitouch panels were used • C-nario software solution for the video distribution and management , Lifesize for videoconferencing
  23. 23. Situation Center of Nenetz Autonomous District Governor • Solution complexity and integration • Multidimensional solution • System approach • Significant importance for the Customer • Solution convenience and efficiency • Protecting government secrets
  24. 24. 34 floors of multimedia for Radisson Moscow Royal Hotel • ramified multifunctional system of information displays (Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric) • set of audiovisual installations at various hotel rooms – based on the C-nario software solutions • background sound system at public places • centralized system of monitoring and controlling of all installed facilities based on Polywall software solution (developed by Polymedia)
  25. 25. Situational Center of RF President Administration, Moscow • Main screen - Mitsubishi Electric Videowall • Additional interactive screen – Panasonic 50” plasma with SMART overlay • Bosch DCN NG Conference system • Innovative NewTec audio system • Integrated controls, etc. INSTALLATIONS: SITUATIONAL CENTERS
  26. 26. Situational Center of RF President Representative, St. Petersburg • Main screen - Mitsubishi Electric Videowall • Additional videoconference screens with audio system and camera • SMART Sympodium for chairman and lectern • Bosch DCN NG conference system • Integrated controls, etc. All special furniture was designed and produced to fit well into the hall design INSTALLATIONS: SITUATIONAL CENTERS
  27. 27. Conference hall of the Financial Academy under the Government of Russian Federation, Moscow • Main screen – Panasonic 103” plasma • DIS conference system • Crestron Integrated controls, etc. INSTALLATIONS: CONFERENCE HALLS
  28. 28. Conference hall of Moscow mayor’s office, Moscow First time in Russia LED screens were used for conference hall. The reason was to create the unique solution for high environment light intensity. Two Barco LED displays provide the flexibility of visualization and high image quality. To the construction of the displays was added changes, which allowed front access to the service & maintanance. INSTALLATIONS: CONFERENCE HALLS
  29. 29. Reconstruction of Central Control Station for «Bashkirenergo», Ufa POLYMEDIA was a prime contractor for complex reconstruction of «Bashkirenergo» objects: Training station: Central control station: • 8 Mitsubishi cubes videowall (4x2) • 32 Mitsubishi cubes videowall (8x4) Special software, design, construction, furniture, air conditioning, lightning and uninterruptible power supply INSTALLATIONS: CONTROL ROOMS
  30. 30. «GAZPROM» Central Office lobby, Moscow • First in Russia 3 mm indoor LED display. Solution, based on Mitsubishi modules •In which the automatic control of temperature was implemented (cooling the whole system), whole information of the telemetric information of the display, video-monitoring of the display • Special system of the authorization of the content, which will be shown on the public display was implemented INSTALLATIONS: DIGITAL SIGNAGE
  31. 31. Sheremetyevo International Airport Digital Signage, Moscow • Airport Digital Signage system based on distributed Sony displays on custom made mounts • Software control system INSTALLATIONS: DIGITAL SIGNAGE
  32. 32. Civil warning system, project of Ministry of emergencies ”Oxion” • Was built chain of 13 big (from 10 to 49 square meters) outdoor displays in Moscow and Saint Petersburg • Each display has a full set of preparation & implementation stages: such as production of the special covers for the displays, which shall maintain the constant temperature and humidity depending on the seasonality (cooling systems for summer time, special heating system for winter time) , construction and installation of the displays.
  33. 33. • Solution based on the 10 modules of Mitsubishi VS-50XLF70U , graphic controller Jupiter Fusion 964, interactive tablet 17” PC, video-cameras Samsung SCC-C6403P, 10 15” Mitsubishi LCDs and Polywall software to control, and manage the whole system developed by Polymedia
  34. 34. Samples of Polymedia Installations in Stadiums & Sport Complexes
  35. 35. «Locomotive FC» Football stadium, Moscow Mitsubishi Electric LED perimeter was installed at one of the Russia’s most modern stadiums. Was developed and build: electricity chain in accordance to the rules and. Main schemes and chains was upgraded to meet the specific climate conditions (especially for autumn and winter seasons). For the control of the content was developed and implemented special software solution and prepared the operator workplace. INSTALLATIONS: STADIUMS & SPORTS COMPLEXES
  36. 36. «Krylatskoe» Sports Complex, Moscow • Media Cube solution for «Dynamo BC» arena, based on Barco indoor LED screens, designed by POLYMEDIA. • International-standard Scoreboard aprooved by FIBA. • In terms of the project special construction for the displays was developed and produced. • Digital signage solution was developed and implemented, covering the public places, and system of distributed content based on the cable network. • Special control room for the operator was developed with different styles of visualisation and effects, covering the media-cube and Digital signage displays • In trainer rooms was implemented special interactive system, which allowed to add comments to the video-records of the games INSTALLATIONS: STADIUMS & SPORTS COMPLEXES
  37. 37. Track-and-Field stadium«Gornyak», Gubkin Town •5x4 m. screen, based on Barco Slite10 modules. • Signal is transmitted by Barco D320 LITE digitalizer, and Kramer scaling switchboard connected by fiber-optic cables for the best quality • To display the results of the game special customized software was developed by Polymedia
  38. 38. Ski World Cup championship 2008-2012 in Rybinsk. Technical support: • Polymedia Provided 2 big: 6x8m and 4x3m POLYLED displays for the display onthe-fileld and 3 additional 42” displays for the commentator’s room.
  39. 39. Equestrian sport complex «Bitz», Moscow For the broadcasting special solution were made: 3 pcs of 6x4 displays, and 6x9 meter displays. BARCO S-Lite 14 displays, controller boards in special climate boxes, special laptop with WiFi connection for the broadcasting of the signal in the SDI protocol were used. Preparation and installation of the equipment also included the work of the ground measures , technical analysis of the networks and connections in the inner part of stadium and halls, specification datasheet preparation in accordance to the standards and rules, power cable placement, basement preparation, production of special boxes and pillars for the displays (designed and manufactured by Polymedia), installation and fine-tuning of the controller board. INSTALLATIONS: STADIUMS & SPORTS COMPLEXES
  40. 40. Polymedia R&D
  41. 41. Polywall Polywall is the software for managing data visualization process in control rooms and command centers. It is built on top of more than 10 years of experience and research. It allows user to control visualization of different data sources in common manner. Polywall creates additional abstraction layer between user and complex AV and IT technologies – thanks to that user can focus on problem domain and not on the technology. Polymedia R&D
  42. 42. FlipBox Flipbox is a unique development of Polymedia. For its creation it took more than 2-x years, more than 30,000 hours of engineers, programmers, testers and designers, was written more than 80,000 lines of unique code, more than 40 people are involved in the development of the present time.. Benefits The operating system is designed for collaborative work and optimized for the large touch screen. Integrated solution. Unlike solutions built on the basis of LCD and interactive whiteboards, Flipbox does not require choice, purchase and maintenance of additional equipment such as a computer, sound system, video conferencing codec, etc. Ease of use and incredible user experience. Just connect to a power outlet whereupon Flipbox is ready for use.Display servicing requires neither system administrator engagement nor user training. Security and Privacy. Flipbox safely clears all personal data after meeting. Exchange of information with the cloud and the enterprise data warehouse is performed only through the secure encrypted data channels. Wireless connection of devices. Notebook desktop can be displayed at Flipbox without connecting any wires or Installing additional software. There is no need to get wires from the display to a table for connecting notebooks. High definition videoconferencing. Сompatible with all modern videoconferencing systems - Support H.323 and SIP. Polymedia R&D
  43. 43. Thank you for your interest! ; ; @polymedia_ru , @edcommunity_ru in twitter polymediaru in facebook