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ESPC18 Copenhagen session : Energize your application developments with microsoft flow


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My ESPC 2018 session Microsoft flow patterns, best practices, many demos; machine learning; approval analytics; approval escalation

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ESPC18 Copenhagen session : Energize your application developments with microsoft flow

  1. 1. Energize your application developments with Microsoft Flow Serge Luca, Isabelle Van Campenhoudt ShareQL, Belgium
  2. 2. Conclusions The outside world Patterns & Limitations Flow & Developers Citizen Developer Agenda
  3. 3. Office Apps & services MVP Business Applications MVP O365 Architect @sergeluca ShareQL Brussels Office365 Flow Dev Architecture Bullshit Serge Luca aka “Doctor Flow”
  4. 4. Data Platform MVP Consultant, speaker, trainer @thesqlgrrrl ShareQL Brussels Isabelle Van Campenhoudt SQL BI Tuning Architecture Coffee making
  5. 5. Questions ?
  6. 6. Microsoft Flow & Citizen Developers
  7. 7. The Flow mobile app is crucial !
  8. 8. Demo Track your time Automatic timesheet
  9. 9. Demo Expense report Flow approval escalation Flow approval & Machine Learning Approval Analytics
  10. 10. Microsoft Flow & Developers
  11. 11. Create REST Services (like Azure functions) Create Connectors Call REST APIs from Flow (HTTP action) Integrate Flow in their Applications Developers Activities
  12. 12. Demo Calling the Graph API
  13. 13. Demo Custom Connector
  14. 14. Patterns & Limitations
  15. 15. Controller patternNo State Machine No custom task forms Max 5,000 iterations in Do until Max 5,000 iterations in For each (100,000 in Plan 1) Loops Create nested flows250 actions/flow Flow Approval duration : 30 days Flow duration : 30 days No guest access No flow provisioning in SharePoint sites Each approval in a dedicated nested flow that calls itself after 29 days (via a controller)
  16. 16. Why State Machine ?
  17. 17. State Machine and > 30 days Approval controller Launcher flow Level 2 approval flowLevel 1 approval flow Level 3 approval flow escalate timeout approved rejected timeout approved rejected redirect timeout approved rejected escalate Normal flow Service flow
  18. 18. Demo State Machine Pattern > 30 days
  19. 19. Demo Manage Errors
  20. 20. Demo Parallelism Pattern
  21. 21. Adapt retry policy Reduce flow concurrency Use several connectors Error HTTP 429 : « I’m too busy » come later (in 10 sec) Flow throttled by the Service (like SharePoint) and by the Connector (600 calls/min)
  22. 22. 202 ACCEPTED The request has been accepted for processing, but the processing has not been completed. Long Call Duration Pattern
  23. 23. Demo Asynchronous Long Call
  24. 24. Started from Excel Started from SP New Expense from App Trigger : Excel for a selected row Trigger : SharePoint for a selected row Existing Expense from App Trigger : SharePoint : when an item is created Proxy Flows Service Flow
  25. 25. Flow Extensibility & Communication With The Outside World
  26. 26.  Action When an HTTP Request is received (usually coupled with Response action)  Action Http  Action Send an http Request to SharePoint  Custom Connector
  28. 28. Demo Flow & Power BI
  30. 30. Keep your forms Simple Trigger properties Accounts Management Environments Business logic in Flow In variables Owners : ADD Groups Connectors : Services Accounts (except personal flows) PowerShell Flow Management connector Use several DLP
  31. 31. Flow can complement PowerShell Manage Office 365 …Or run Powershell via Azure Automation runbooks/hybrid Webhooks in O365 compliance & audit logs And much much more… This is just the beginning !
  32. 32. Questions ?