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Make clients from your facebook fans


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Make clients from your facebook fans

  1. 1. MAKE CLIENTS FROM YOUR FACEBOOK FANS This presentation is meant for restaurants and explains how to attract Facebook fans to the restaurant. Compiled by: Irina Svedova, Sergei Prokopov
  2. 2.  We offer to your fans an application, branded under your name, for making restaurant reservations  In order to promote installation of application, you may provide fan with a compliment or a discount for every reservation. GIVE YOUR FANS SOMETHING VALUABLE ...
  3. 3.  If fan has installed application, you will get access to his personal information, including date of birth  This information allows you to send to fan a personal offer to celebrate his birthday in your restaurant ...AND GET DATE OF BIRTHDAY TO SEND HIM PERSONAL OFFER
  4. 4.  The following part of presentation reviews opportunities you receive after fan installs application REPORT AND PRESENCE IN FACEBOOK
  5. 5.  List of fans including birthdays, beginning with today  Click on a photo to get to the main page of fan LIST OF FANS
  6. 6.  Fan’s main page on Facebook  Click on a button „Message“ to send personal offer FAN’S MAIN PAGE
  7. 7.  People who browse in search for your restaurant can also see your reservation application among other applications PRESENCE IN FACEBOOK
  8. 8.  The next part of presentation reviews application for making restaurant reservations APPLICATION FOR RESERVATIONS
  9. 9.  Fans will get a link to application either via advert on Facebook or through printed news on the wall of a restaurant on Facebook  You can add a bonus to every reservation in order to attract more fans to installation of the application  When installing the application, a fan should confirm rights to access INSTALLATION OF THE APPLICATION
  10. 10.  Application main page MAIN PAGE
  11. 11.  User should fill in the number of places, date and time of visit.  The system checks availability of tables for desired time.  The system prevents overbooking. RESERVATION - STEP 1 SELECTING NUMBER OF PLACES, DATE AND TIME
  12. 12.  System offers all available times to select from RESERVATION - STEP 2 SELECTING AVAILABLE ТIME
  13. 13.  User should provide contacts and confirm his reservation RESERVATION - STEP 3 FILLING IN CONTACTS
  14. 14.  User receives confirmation of complete reservation and a message on his email RESERVATION - STEP 4 CONFIRMATION OF RESERVATION
  15. 15.  The next part of the presentation reviews the way of receiving reservation notifications ACCESS TО RESERVATIONS
  16. 16.  Every reservation is accompanied with a full list of all reservations in one email IN THE EMAIL
  17. 17.  We offer the Tablet PC version for access to all current reservations TABLET PC VERSION
  18. 18.  You can always get more information writing on the email: THANK YOU!