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Baccou Bonneville Consultants Service Offering


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This presentation gives a general overview of Baccou Bonneville's offering.

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Baccou Bonneville Consultants Service Offering

  1. 1. Service offering presentation Serge Baccou et Arnaud Bonneville Managing Directors September 2012Consulting Services for IT Departments
  2. 2. Who are we?% Independent consulting firm specializing in assisting the IT departments of large businesses and administrations% Founded in 1995 by Serge Baccou et Arnaud Bonneville% Our Paris-based company operates worldwide Serge Baccou and Arnaud Bonneville
  3. 3. Our expertise% IT Continuity% Cloud Consulting% Interim Management% IT Service Management
  4. 4. Our references
  5. 5. Baccou Bonneville offers its expertise in InformationContinuity. Our services help you structure and improveyour IT Continuity approach, in compliance with the latestinternational standards. Our approach includes analyzingthe impacts that could be caused by continuity disruptions(Business Impact Analysis), writing the Disaster RecoveryPlans (DRPs) and defining the related exercises.
  6. 6. Our services% Creation / management / improvement of IT continuity programs% Classification of Applications and Business Impact Analysis (BIA)% Statement of Continuity Requirements% Drafting the Disaster Recovery Plans% Exercises setup% Disaster Recovery for User Workstations% Technical Continuity Expertise% Audit on Backup/Restore Plans% Detection of SPOFs% Guidance in TARGET2 self certification% Information Continuity Training
  7. 7. Customer case study: % The challenge: % Our service: End 2008, a report from BNP Paribas Implementation of a complete IT continuity General Inspection recommends to program. intensify efforts on information systems continuity. General Management % Results: decides to assign an EXCOM member % Definition of a continuity policy at Group to handle the subject. In March 2009, level BNP Paribas group selects Baccou % Creation of IT continuity plans to secure most Bonneville Consultants to create a critical applications group-wide information continuity % IT continuity exercises setup program. Group has 200,000 % Technical solutions normalisation (storage, employees and 20,000 IT staff virtualisation, mainframe, network) worldwide. % Creation of a dashboard for General Management and Group CIO % Setup of a large international team to handle“We need to work preventively and curatively. ICP covers the information continuity (120 people) entire IT lifecycle : architecture, development, tests and % 1 000 people trained on IT continuity production, as well as all IT assets such as applications, data, between April 2009 and end 2011 software, hardware and networks…” Brigitte Poggi, BNP Paribas
  8. 8. Customer case study:% The challenge: % Our service: In January 2009, emerging countries IT Baccou Bonneville delivers a first audit at suffer from a major malfunction: nightly Danone IT Operations in Mexico, then a second route calculations batches are very often audit of application development performed by incomplete, preventing delivery trucks to subcontractors in Argentina. deliver their goods country-wide. This generates significant sales losses. % Results: % At Mexico City, Baccou Bonneville identifies in a few weeks the root cause of Danone IT pains. % The change management process at Danone Mexico is completely audited so that each change is properly traced and well managed. % Constant volume increase has required other actions inspired from CMMi (capacity planning setup, architecture improvements)
  9. 9. Baccou Bonneville consultants assists your company inits Cloud transition projects related to infrastructure,application and workplaces.
  10. 10. Our services% Cloud solution implementation % From the concept to the implementation of a Cloud solution % End to end support during cloud solution implementation % IaaS, PaaS, SaaS orDaaS projects% Cloud service design % Especially dedicated to IT outsourcing companies % Embraces all the activities for the definition of a new service % Value proposition % Business model definition % Costing and service pricing % Competitor analysis % Service catalogue definition % Marketing and sales support creation % Follow-up of the implementation of the service
  11. 11. Customer case study: Steria% The challenge: % Our service: % Handover design activity of % Requirements definition a new desktop cloud % Use cases creation virtualisation service % Partnerships definition (Desktop as a Service) % Service marketing and % Setup service commercial commercial launch setup launch within 4 months % Prototype conception % Internal communication and support to external communication % Implementation follow-up
  12. 12. Our interim managers are there to meet a need formanagement in an IT organization, usually to launch atransition or lead an organization through change. InterimManagement may be required in a crisis or when carryingout highly strategic projects, increasing the profitability ofproduction tools or dealing with sustained growth.
  13. 13. Customer case study:% The challenge: % Our service: As part of a large reorganisation, Restructuring and merge of 2 IT Veolia Propreté wants to reinforce Operations departments: Architecture reliability of its IT Operations. and Integration. This results in shifting from 1 % Results: internally-managed data centre to 2 Between April 2007 and March 2009, outsourced data centres. The project is Veolia Propreté 60 most critical assigned to Baccou Bonneville applications are transferred within the Consultants. two outsourced data centres. « « [Baccou Bonneville was] a key asset in the quality improvement of our IT operations, allowing us to implement key solutions covering the ever-increasing requirements of Veolia Propreté customers» François Hureau, CIO, Veolia Propreté
  14. 14. Customer case study: Alcatel-Lucent% The challenge: % Our service: % In the frame of a the global IT % Participation to negotiations outsourcing deal signed with % Program management of 11 HP, need to coordinate activities projects related to processes, tools, % Organisational change reporting and organisational management within Alcatel-Lucent change management within teams retained IT staff and end users % Project quality control, reporting to IT governance % Management of a true up mission in order to reevaluate resource unit volumes % Financial simulations, supplier invoice control and communication with IT management
  15. 15. Baccou Bonneville Consultants offers a wide range ofservices to assist organizations in handling efficientlyall the changes required to turn their IT departmentsinto full-fledged IT service centers.
  16. 16. Our services% ITSM Audit% ITSM Immersion% ITSM Scope definition% ITSM Requirements definition% ITSM Request for Proposals% ITSM Process Expertise% ITSM Program Management
  17. 17. Customer case study: OCP% The challenge: % Our service: % The service provider retained % Training on configuration for the ITIL processes management and CMDB implementation was facing % Project scoping issues to set up configuration % Process Specification, Design, management Implementation and deployment % CMDB implementation support % Results: % Process in production % More than 20,000 CI and relations
  18. 18. Customer case study: Italcementi% The challenge: % Our service: % HP Service Manager was setup % Preparation meetings to without having defined the identify key issues and adapt associated processes contents to the audience and % No role description, which context resulted in problems to assign % Immersion sessions to give those roles within IT basic knowledge on key ITIL department processes to Italcementi IT % Incident management on HPSM management wasn’t effective % IT departement was facing hard % Results: challenges to deploy new % 60 managers trained processes % Change management objectives redefinition following the immersion sessions
  19. 19. Contact us Baccou Bonneville Consultants 75 boulevard Haussmann - 75008 PARIS Tél +33 (0)1 44 01 51 61 http://www.baccoubonneville.comConsulting Services for IT Departments