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Serenity's Quick Holiday Meal Planning Guide


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Companion guide to participants of THE SERENITY CHALLENGE

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Serenity's Quick Holiday Meal Planning Guide

  1. 1. Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program Holiday and Quick Meal Planning Suggestions For over 500 additional recipes, follow us on Pinterest @: http://www.pinterest. com/serenityweight/serenitys-healthymenu-picks/
  2. 2. Special Holiday Meal Planning Stick to your schedule. Remember, eat within 1 hour upon arising, and no later than 9 a.m. Then eat every 3 hours until within 30-60 minutes before bed 2. Likewise, do not wait until the “official” meal is served, if it is more than 30 minutes off schedule. In other words if the host is serving dinner @ 5 p.m., do not skip the 3 p.m. meal. Eat simple protein snacks…... 3. ..and, make those protein snacks and bring about 1-2 dozen as your appetizer gift to the hostess. They will serve as your “mini-meal” without being rude. Instead of you sitting in the corner nibbling on carrots sticks, feeling deprived, your dish becomes a great conversation piece 1.
  3. 3. SIMPLE BREAKFAST This skillet serves 3-4 people. The orange things are whole carrots, with a little of the green stalk, sliced vertically, in half. Then eggs sunny-side up, with large Italian turkey sausage slices. Sea salt and pepper. Delicious and quick
  4. 4. Simple LUNCH Did you know ‘NORI” is seaweed.. that green stuff at the beach? Nori Wraps Tip: Pak 6 in a tupperware bowl and carry to school for lunch and snack.
  5. 5. Simple Lunch TACO LETTUCE WRAPS- Serenity tip: Omit the cheese. After the MINI FAST, you may try soy cheese Like our page @HTTP://www. facebook. com/serenityweightl oss
  6. 6. Simple Lunch VEGGIE WRAP COMBO’s Continued This is how it looks when it is ready to eat..the yellow stuff is hummus...yum! Hummus Spread works like mayo and holds the wrap together Hummus is a Middle Eastern and Arabic food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic Make it yourself or buy already prepared from Whole Foods or health food section of your grocery store
  7. 7. Simple Lunch , cont’d Try using collard green leaves on the next page, or add the veggies over there, on the side or inside these lettuce wraps Add with turkey slices !
  8. 8. Cabbage leaf wraps More Simple lunch, cont’d
  9. 9. Simple Dinners How about this fish (except Tilapia or catfish) topped with onions, over a bed of yellow rice? We chose these zucchini and carrot sticks, roasted in the oven on a pan with extra virgin olive oil, with salt, garlic, and any dried herb that you might like, such as rosemary, or oregano
  10. 10. Simple Dinners Sometimes the budget is low and everyone is in a hurry. How about a can of turkey chili, with 4 eggs cracked open right inside the pot. Make sure the chili is already hot. The green stuff is parsley leaves. You can add green peppers too. Each person gets one egg, so this is 4 servings GUESS WHAT? This is a great breakfast. So if you have enough, save some for the morning
  11. 11. Simple Healthy Beverages Try fresh squeezed green juices or red, or any color! For juice recipes and ingredients, click on link. Another great conversatio peice and if you do not mind order the 30 pack Tangy tangerine, have some individually wrapped Tangy out for guests. Remember,
  12. 12. Great Holiday beverages Have fun and make your own FRUIT WATER. No added sugar guys, just fruit and water. You may use plain seltzer water to make it taste like soda. They will last all week. Fruit stays in the pitcher or glasses. Another fantastic conversation piece!
  13. 13. Remember, overall, you should follow this rule: For the entire slide, click here:
  14. 14. Pass along this flyer if you want to refer someone. or, text and send your contact’s information to Michelle Edmonds @ 404 934-5514 and pass along ( we like their phone and email) Tell them your nutritionist will call and complete the 15 minute enrollment . We encourage you to make your leads go through the process.
  15. 15. Anyone is welcome to attend our team calls. You will get your best results if you attend as many as possible. Stay connected