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Serenity weight loss and Detoxification program start up instructions


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  • Getting your body detoxed and losing weight is awesome and you feel great!! I always check with before I try anything or spend any money on weight loss or diet products, it's a review site of all kind of stuff.
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Serenity weight loss and Detoxification program start up instructions

  1. 1. Serenity Weight Loss andDetoxification ProgramSerenity: We promise to provide accurate, “no hype” educational information onhow to lose weight and improve your health, using natural remediesYOU: Will release 10+ lbs within the 1st 14 days,if you are 200 lbs or more and IF you follow these instructions.Our track record is so reliable, that if you do not meet this goal,we know you did not follow our instructions! Blood pressure and glucose will come down as well,but we cannot place a time frame on those indicators of success
  2. 2. Start DateMay 8, 2013Phase I InstructionsMay 8- May 31, 20131.Go Shopping
  3. 3. 2. Look through yourPHASE I START-UP PORTFOLIO
  4. 4. The DETOX Portfolio containsGeneral Detox Informationand Eating GuidelinesYou should reference this document oftenStep #3Start your 14 Day MINI FASTSee page 2 of portfolioDuring the MINI FAST-although veggies, beans and potatoes are excludedImportant Note:The 14 DAY MINI FAST is used often throughout the program.Do not rush to move on or feel as though you are losing valuableprogram time if you stay on this component a little longer thanexpected. Your nutritionist will guide you through this
  5. 5. 3. Start YOUR Kidney Detox:__________Fresh parsley tea in the A.M.______Dandelion tea in the P.M.(1) tea bag per 8 oz cup of hot waterOther KIDNEY DETOX INFORMATION
  6. 6. 4. DETOX INSTRUCTIONS:SUPER COLON CLEANSE(1)TABLESPOON in the P.M. in 8-10 ounces of water(You should expect to the bathroom3-4xs per day, mostly in the A.M is OK).We count every time you leave the bathroom as 1x!!Your stool may be soft and pasty,but if there is a splash as soon as you sit down,reduce the dose to (1) herb per night.If you do not go 3-4 xs per dayINCREASE to (4) herbs in the evening.Let your nutritionist knowAs you progress through your program ,prepare to incorporate your REPAIR productsremember that we are following this simple 3-phasedWellness ModelTo find your wellness score,see the entire model @ Serenitys Wellness Road Map
  7. 7. Great RecipesSubscribe to our blog( information by the author andfounder of our product distributor,Youngevity Edmonds , Founder|Sr. Nutritional Consultant , Serenity Weight LossFOR REFERRALS:www. 278-9478 ext 2 (775) 667-3285 our page: FaceBook/serenityweightloss~Save Your Life -Live Serenity TEAM Conference Call~Every Monday 7 p.m. EST.530 881-1400 Access# 591 178