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Are you trying to create wealth, without knowing how to sustain and expand, what you have started? Business ventures do not always need to be YOUR idea; it just needs to be a good idea, that needs exposure. Don't be afraid to collaborate with more experienced businesses or with a business that can augment your existing services.The day of the solo act (and chicken dinners) is over!

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  1. 1. Featuring the Serenity Weight Loss andDetoxification Program…founded in Hempstead, NY in 1992, by Michelle and HarryEdmonds. It was the first nationwide, educationally-based, holistic weight loss program
  2. 2. The core of Serenitys philosophy is the belief that family traditions for maintaining wellness, are superior to traditional (allopathic) medical approaches for healing disease
  3. 3. 3-PHASEDETOX: Wellness Model RESTORE:Garbage Out REPAIR•Colon •Improved Meal Frequency•Parasites & Planning•Kidneys •Increased Water Intake STOP: Garbage In•Liver •Quality Vitamin and mineral •SUGAR supplements•Gallbladder •DAIRY •Moderate Exercise•Metals •READ MEAT and PORK •Herbs, as medicines •CEREALS and BREAD •Holistic Treatments •ALL WHITE FOOD
  4. 4. At the conclusion of the 6-week program, participants receive a wellness score. The score is based on the “legs” of Serenity’s 3-phase Wellness Model, providing a road map, for continuation.Measures of success include the wellness scores, reported weight loss and visual improvements.
  5. 5. Serenity more often attracts clients ofAfrican, Caribbean and Latina descent, raised on an intuitive approach to wellness, passed down by their elders.However, the baby boomer generation gradually moved awayfrom these traditions, while rumors of botched surgeries, bad drugs, and bad history, fueled distrust of the allopathic medical approach. However, when traditions are dropped, allopathic approaches not followed and holistic methodologies not embraced, a passive approach to healthcare develops.As a consequence, these groups lead this nation’s “obesityepidemic” and have high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease at rates well above the national averages.
  6. 6.  “Lock-arms” with clergy in your community  Increase the number of wellness practioners trained to serve diverse cultural groups  Let’snot embrace the “bad gene” theory, of high blood pressure and diabetes Video:
  7. 7.  Our commitment to education and the elimination of health care disparities, inspired Serenity to partner with Dr. Joel Wallach, and his wife, Dr. Ma Lan, and the product-line they founded as "Youngevity".
  8. 8. Serenity provides diversity training to professionals of all cultures including, naturopathic doctors, mental health professionals, clergy, fitness instructors, weight loss coaches andnutritionists, desiring to better understand and serve the wellness needs of their community
  9. 9. To date, Serenity has serviced over 12,000 clients nationwide. In 2000 , Serenity evolved into a 100% web-based program, utilizing all forms of social media, including facebook, twitter, pinterest, linked-in, webinars, and video conferencing. Public speaking and in-person community and corporate consultations continue
  10. 10. ~Free comprehensive consultation, providing participants with a personalized wellness plan~  $40.00/30 days, includes (2) bi-weekly, 30 minute, counseling appointments, weekly testimonial calls and at least (1) teleconference per month  $60.00/60 days, includes (4) bi-weekly, 30 minute counseling appointments, weekly testimonial calls and at least (1) teleconference per month $90.00/90 days, includes (6) bi-weekly, 30 minute follow-up counseling weekly appointments, testimonial calls, and at least (1) teleconference per month All participants establish personalized product ordering websites withYoungevity, for a one time fee of $10.00. Participants control their own orders, and have the opportunity to earn additional income
  11. 11. Step #1: Submit your intake form available @ this link  INTAKE%20FORM%20-%202013%20Serenity%20Weight%20Loss%20and%20Detoxification%20Program.docx or speak to a nutritionist for your free start-up consultation by calling 678 278-9478  Step #2: Set up your product ordering site from Youngevity  Step#3: Your personalized wellness plan arrives via email  Step #4: Process your counseling program