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Holiday Weight Loss SURVIVIVAL TIPS


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This guide, is a compilation of simple straightforward tips based the Serenity Wellness Program. If you make the decision that you are sick and tired of being FAT and TIRED, then you don't wait for the New Year. Use these tips to get you thru and start NOW.

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Holiday Weight Loss SURVIVIVAL TIPS

  1. 1. HOLIDAY SURVIVAL TIPS To Protect your Weight loss Success Eat BEFORE the main course is served Bring your Vitamin Mineral or B12 Smoothie with you If dinner will NOT be served before 5 p.m, eat your normal 3 p.m. meal. Jokingly add : “My nutritionist has me eating all the time”..…..then start sipping! Serenityweightloss and Detox Program
  2. 2. Dedicated to the many men and women challenged by excess weight, diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol seeking simple, holistic self~care solutions THE SERENITY CHALLENGE© and Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program©
  3. 3. SURVIVAL TIP BE A GOOD EVANGELIST! Don’t preach or teach about your new program Just share this # 404 445-8579 and tell them your nutritionist will describe the entire program in 15 minutes or less
  4. 4. HOLIDAY SURVIVAL TIPS To protect your weight loss success Plan your activity, rather than just focusing on what you will eat Be the one to bring a board or electronic game or a deck of cards Serenityweightloss
  5. 5. Holiday Survival Tip Are we WIMPS or GLADIATORS”?! Team: You are well trained. You now have an arsenal of weapons Today, think like a “GLADIATOR” One day cannot and should NOT derail months of hard work unless you are a complete wimp! Well? FB/Serenityweightloss
  6. 6. HOLIDAY SURVIVAL TIP Practice this damage control rule: No more than 1 cheat per month; If you blow that, no more than 1 cheat per week; then no more than 1 cheat per day and if all else fails, no more than 1 cheat per meal
  7. 7. HOLIDAY SURVIVAL Practice Serenity’s SPIRITUAL S.M.A.R.T goals Seek Support and Share your program  Meditate and pray  Attitude of gratitude(acceptance)  Reward success, but not with Food Practice Transparency: Be open about your mistakes and truthful about who you are FBSerenityweightlossanddetoxification
  8. 8. HOLIDAY SURVIVAL TIP To protect to your weight loss success There is never a reason for gluttony Eat your normal portion Return for more, as long as you wait @ least 1 hour
  9. 9. Thanksgiving Survival Tip Get on your knees Give Thanks. Pray serenityweightlossanddetoxificationprogram
  10. 10. Merry CHRIST~MAS Survival TIP Remember only HE was perfect, so stop getting your shorts in a bunch when you are corrected
  11. 11. SURVIVAL TIP: Leave your ego in 2014, and learn to ask for help
  12. 12. Founder|Sr. Nutritionist|Author|Lifecoach Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed. THE SERENITY CHALLENGE© and Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program© 404 445 ~ 8579 Facebook|serenityweightloss Enrollment and class schedule Serenity was founded in 1992 and has served over 12,000 team members 90% release 10 lbs or more during the 1st 14 days 65% now meet or exceed their goal Our program is 100% virtual, and grant~funded