Detox Your Mind or The fat Will Come Back


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The connection between weight gain, weight loss plateauing , while at the same time skipping meals!

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Detox Your Mind or The fat Will Come Back

  1. 1. The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program© WHO’s in CONTROL? You are….so go out there and kick some butt!
  2. 2. A fresh perspective on what is really behind your weight gain and meal skipping
  3. 3. Assignment # 1: Detox Your Mind or the Fat will Come BackThis assignment presents a very differentview on weight management that you may not have heard before.
  4. 4. Tip:Yourweight gainis not afitness/exerciseproblem.Althoughexercise accelerates therate of weight loss, it is notthe reason for the weightgain.
  5. 5. OK..maybe you should do something!
  6. 6. This assignment will trigger many thoughts; some may be a little painfuland at times sad. Thus, we recommend that you start this journey with your nutritional coach, then sit quietly and journal additionalthoughts that the assignment triggered.
  7. 7. No it was not an apple!This assignment is for the serious minded student, who wants the truth! Are you sick and tired of being sick and fat?
  8. 8. Steps:1. Recognizeiii iiithe first incident that caused you to feel out of control (in your life) (See Footnotes below, to help you with this)
  9. 9. TIP: YOU ARE NOT OUT OF CONTROL. In fact you are a control addict,continually trying to control everything and everybody around you since that first incident you described in Step # 1. This is why your weight stays within a relatively tight limit, for example 230-240 lbs for the past 5 years.
  10. 10. 2.Know the truth – the truth we are seeking in this program is how that first incident in step #1 triggered your weight management challenges
  11. 11. 3. Act on the truth that you know now. Recognize that food or the food that you eat or don’t eat, controls nothing. It only controls how you will look and no one cares that you control your own fat! By the way, this little mind game will make you sick.
  12. 12. 4. Your thoughts… the only other area in your life within 100% of your control. True control comes from knowing that GOD or your “higherpower”, however you refer to it, gave you this power.Have you been using this gift wisely?
  13. 13. One more thing, before you go:“How come every time I try to lose weight I plateau”? Like a polar bear, fat is protection from the elements (life)
  14. 14. When you start to loseweight you get scared.You feel exposed; your protective suit isshrinking
  15. 15. Footnotes:i-235-240 lbs.and up category: The more likely it will be that your trigger wasmolestation. Examples: Oprah, Mo’niqueii 180-220 lbs category our experience is that you lived in a home environmentthat was very unpredictable. This could have been a parent that was analcoholic physically abusive , or mentally-ill, such as having bi-polar. Aparent that was a philanderer, and embarrassed the family, had otherchildren, also fits in this categoryiii 160-190- Parental divorce while you were a child, near death experience –self, parent or siblingThis information is based on a survey that Serenity conducted anonymously(non-Serenity participants) or with actual clients, totaling about 12,000individuals, from 1992-2011
  16. 16. Did all of this make you tired? CONTACT US, GET A
  17. 17. START JOURNALINGRecord your responses here or on a separate sheet of paper and send to yourSerenity counselor. Another idea is to start a private journal.Fax to (775) 667-3285 or email to your counselor’s attention