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While Obamacare is excellent, it is still "sick care". Our private angel investor seeks participants who see the value of wellness care. We have been mandated to offer a quick, results driven, no-hype educational experience teaching wellness and nutrition. The initiative is nationwide and offered completely on line via social media and teleconferencing.

Encourage churches, small business and other foundations to lock-arms with the common goal of improving the health our communities. In so doing, participants improve the financial health of their business or foundation, by improving the financial health of other businesses and foundations. The consultant's work concludes with implementation of a residual revenue stream for their client. The consultant assists their client to repeat the process. Grant funding sources are shared, as they become available.

1.INDIVIDUALS ~Interested in becoming a "social" business consultant
2. FOUNDATION OWNERS ~of 501 (c) (3) organizations, grown weary of grants and expensive events, that leave more bills than profit
3. SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS` who need more money, without more hours (residual income)

The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program (Serenity). Serenity was founded in NY, in 1992 and has serviced over 12,000 clients nationwide. The mission promotes "Drug Free, Knife Free (Scalpel) and Fat-Free Living, Serenity sponsors the SAVE YOUR LIFE nationwide mission. Author and Founder: Michelle Edmonds (

The SERENITY CHALLENGE (for at risk adults)
THE JOSHUA PROJECT (30 day weight loss and wellness program for children)

1. Attend the next COMMUNITY WEALTH BUILDING seminar

2. Form a focus group (research) of 2- 3 individuals; ask friends, church members or work associates to participate in the program for adults. You may also participate as an individual first, to test the effectiveness of the program.

Join our NEW FB group @

See video clip @, to understand why Dr. Joel Wallach was chosen as the distributor for this community-based initiative
Dr. Joel Wallach @ World Changers International
Sr. Pastor, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar

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  1. 1.    Proposal Summary COMMUNITY WEALTH BUILDING: Breaking the Chains of Poor Cash Flow and Poor Health Author: Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed. Sr. Nutritionist |Founder|Author The SERENITY CHALLENGE© The JOSHUA Project© The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program© (404)  934­5514 1
  2. 2. SUMMARY While  Obamacare  is  excellent,  it  is  still  "sick  care".  Our  private  angel investor  seeks  participants  who  see  the  value  of  wellness  care. We  have been  mandated  to  offer  a  quick,  results  driven,  no­hype  educational experience  teaching  wellness  and  nutrition.  This  nationwide  initiative  is offered completely on­line, via social media and teleconferencing. MISSION Encourage  churches,  small  business  and  other  foundations  to  lock­arms with the  common  goal  of improving health in our communities. In so doing, participants  improve the financial health of  their business or foundation, by improving  the  financial  health  of  other  businesses  and  foundations.  This collaboration  is  a  “win­win”  that  results  with  the  implementation  of  a residual revenue stream for all parties. The process is then repeated. PROGRAMS The SERENITY CHALLENGE© (for adults) THE JOSHUA PROGRAM© ( weight loss and wellness initiative for children) OUTREACH The SAVE your LIFE Mission©  hosts a  weekly  free teleconference every Monday @  7 p.m. EST (530) 881­1400 Participant access code 591­178# Co­Host: Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed. ~Because the  mission promotes drug­free, knife­free (scalpel) and fat­free living,  topics include non­drug solutions for  diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate, cholesterol, kidney disease, meal planning, detoxification and the best nutritional supplements in the industry~ 2
  3. 3. ENROLLMENT 1. Schedule  a 15 minute one­on­one intake interview with the program nutritionist, Michelle Edmonds by clicking The nutritionist will answer your questions in private over the phone, process your $10.00 enrollment and schedule BOOT CAMP 2. Form a focus group (research) of  3­ 5 individuals; ask  friends, church members or co­workers to  participate in THE SERENITY CHALLENGE. Of course, you may also participate as an individual first, to test the effectiveness of the program 3. Optional: Attend a Community Wealth Building Seminar, to find out how to keep this program going for your church,  501 © (3) or small business MARKETING New  Face Book group @ Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Creflo A.Dollar health seminar @ World Changers International, September, 2010 Click for short video  @  to understand why Dr. Joel Wallach and his company Youngevity, was selected as our partner Pinterest 3
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