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Sections in the journal are as follows:       From the Front Cover            o    Leaf #1 - Cover Page, indcating Projec...
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Lj format


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Lj format

  1. 1. Sections in the journal are as follows:  From the Front Cover o Leaf #1 - Cover Page, indcating Project Code (upper right-hand corner), Project Title (centered on upper half of page) and Researchers Complete Names (lower right hand side) o Leaf#s 2-3 – Table of Contents o Leaf#s 4 -15 Quarterly Task Lists o Leaf#s 16-18 – Directory of Contacts (Suppliers, Experts, etc.) o Leaf#s 19-30 - List of Expenses and Materials Received o Leaf#s 31-50 - Activity Logs for Feasibility Test o Leaf#s 51 onwards – Protocols and DataUse pages starting from the back for scratch work related to your project (your notes/doodles as you discuss as a group)Quarterly Task Lists - At the start of each quarter, the following information should be completed on the tasks to beaccomplished:  Activity Description  Person/s in charge  Expected Date of Completion  Actual Date of Completion  RemarksProtocols - These are step-by-step procedures to be done for various tasks for the project. Each procedure must beapproved by the Adviser before being recorded in the journal. Contents of each Protocol page are as follows:  Protocol Name/Label (indicate source if applicable)  Materials (list of all equipment, glassware, chemicals, etc.; quantities and sizes should be indicated whenever applicable)  Procedure (numbered/sequenced instructions to be followed)  Signature of Approval bt the Adviser/Qualified ScientistActivity Logs - Activities include actual work (in any venue) done on the implementation of the project, meetings,information search, consultations, procurement, and other tasks related to the project. Each time an activity is done, acomplete report must be logged in the journal. Information required are:  Date/Time of Activity  Place of Activity  Brief description of activity (1-5 words only)  Activity Output (do not describe the task; only the fruits of your labor)  Analysis/Interpretation/Reflection (reflect on the impact of the output on your project; write down data interpretations whenever applicable; reflect on any difficulties/obstacles encountered, with a plan for overcoming these obstacles if possible)  Signature of Researcher/s (indicate if a member is absent)For Tau/Truth 2012 RMBB