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Fair info so far


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Fair info so far

  1. 1. Booths<br />BoothStarting PriceMarriage500Salon/Makeover250Assassination500Buko Bowling100Karaoke100Alipin250Stalker100Fortuneteller100Sumo250Nerf100PC Games250Consoles250<br />March 16 2011<br />TimeActivity8-10 amNo Leftovers (eating contest)12-2 pmNo Strings Attached (singles contest)2-4 pmNo Sweat (rockband contest, naka-costume din kayo) ; cost: 80 pesos4-7 pmNo Cuts (movies)<br />March 17 2011<br />TimeActivity10-11 amNo-It-All (teachers)1-4 pmNo Hate (cross dressing; we can send reps for our section, the reps’ pics are due March 4, send to pmNo Holds Barred (water fight)5-7 pmNo Match (battle of the bands ata?)7-8 pmFair Pair Wedding8-11 pmNo Silence (rock concert)<br />