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Aksis application form


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Aksis application form

  1. 1. AKSIS ApplicationName:______________________________________________________________ Date:___________Section:_________________ Submitted to:______________General Instructions: On this answer sheet, provide all the necessary information and shade the letterof your answer. When done, submit to any AKSIS officer (Ryan Misola & Joan Ravalo @ IV-Tau, TheaBonifacio & JR Aldiosa @ IV-Electron, Nicole Rocafort @ III-Beryllium, Nina Coronel @ II-Camia, SamFusingan @IV-Truth and Marti Tan @ III-Strontium). I. Identification 1. Cellphone #: 2. Email Address: 3. Y!M ID: 4. Landline #: 5. Date of Birth: 6. Address: 7. Extern/Intern: 8. Other Clubs/Organizations: (Kindly put your position in the organization too, and rate in a 1-10 scale your dedication to it.) Organization Position Dedication II. Mulitple Choice A B C 1. A A 2. A A A 3. A A A A A A
  2. 2. AKSIS Application 4. 5. A A AQuestionnaire No: 2011-2012General Instructions: On the answer sheet, shade the letter of your answer. When done, submit to anyAKSIS officer (Ryan Misola & Joan Ravalo @ IV-Tau, Thea Bonifacio & JR Aldiosa @ IV-Electron, NicoleRocafort @ III-Beryllium, Nina Coronel @ II-Camia, Sam Fusingan @IV-Truth and Marti Tan @ III-Strontium).Answer sheets are available online. The photocopy center will also be provided a copy forreproduction. 1. Rock, paper, scissors? a. Rock b. Paper c. Scissors 2. What appeals to you the most? a. Planning, details, logistics b. Conversation, communication, promotion c. Managing, facilitating, fundraising 3. In your class, what type are you? a. The Silent Thinker b. The Outspoken One
  3. 3. AKSIS Application c. The Responsible Leader4. In what profession do you see yourself in the future? a. Architecture, engineering, business b. Law, arts, diplomacy c. Human relations, teaching, service learning5. How do you want people to see you? a. I want them to trust me in getting the job done. b. I want them to see me as someone whose views they respect. I want my words to be able to change their perspective, somehow. c. I want them to see me as someone who inspires people to make a difference.