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Aksis 101 brochure


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Aksis 101 brochure

  1. 1. Session Date Topic Speaker # 1 Aug. 11, A Tour to the World of Political Science Mr. Martin Perez 2011Objective: To pave the way for students’,especially AKSIS members’, better 2 Aug. 18, Economics: A New Perspective Mr. Vladimir Lopezunderstanding of the pressing modern 2011day issues, principles and events of the 3 Aug. 25, Martial Law: The test to Philippine Mrs. Cristina Bawagansociety, by conducting several sessions 2011 Democracythat will discuss various Social Sciencetopics. 4 Sept. 8, Church Matters Matter Mr. Ricardo Carpon 2011------------------------------------------------------------What? 5 Sept. 15, Yaman ng Liping PilipinoAKSIS 101 is a series of six (6) interactive 2011 Part A – The Ancient Philippines Part A – Ms. Lianne Ynigosessions tackling modern day issues and otherrelevant topics. Part B – Mrs. Ivy Abella Part B – Pacific Perspective onWho? Education and LeadershipIt is specifically made for AKSIS members. Non –AKSIS people may join, but the priority goes tothe club members. 6 Sept. 22, Appreciating Foreign Relations Mr. Martin Perez 2011When?It will be held every Thursday, 4:40PM, for the Guidelines and Rules:whole 2nd quarter. Each session will last for 30 –45 minutes. 1. Attendance: 2.Post AKSIS 101 Mini Camp! - Members are required to attend at least • Tentatively set on October 15, right afterWhere? four (4) sessions. Attendance sheets will be usedUnless a change in venue is announced, the 2nd Quarter Periodical Exams. to monitor every member’s participation.venue is ASTB-AVR. • For the new members who completed the------------------------------------------------------------ Non-completion of this requirement will result to: requirement for AKSIS 101, your arm will be • for the New Members, this will result to revealed and awarded to you iduring thisWhile the goal of AKSIS 101 is to enhance the club forfeiture of membership. activity.members’ understanding of some important social • for the Old Members, be a good example. You • For the Old Members, you will be given theissues, it is noteworthy that this activity will also don’t want an “Inactive Member” opposite your chance to switch arms.strengthen the bonds between its participants, name in the club directory.improving the club’s internal stability. 3. Others: - You are free to invite non-AKSIS members toThus, all members are greatly encouraged to enjoy, AKSIS 101 sessions too. :D/participate, and make new acquaintances during thisactivity, while keeping in mind the goal of AKSIS 101.
  2. 2. NAME: Section: Philippine Science High School – Main Campus Arm: Diliman, Quezon City This serves as your personal copy of AKSIS’ information brochure containing the club’s updates and plans for this school year’s first semester. A Presented by AKSIS for the new and updated brochure will be months of given out at the start of the second August – September 2011 semester. Stay tuned for more updates soon.AKSIS’ For Questions/Comments, kindly s/y 2011- contact any of the AKSIS officers, or visit the AKSIS FB group or tumblr account:2012 0905-679-2800 / 0917-726-9395