Serena Mainframe VUG April 16, 2014


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Serena Mainframe VUG April 16, 2014

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Serena Mainframe VUG April 16, 2014

  1. 1. Mainframe VUG April 16, 2014 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  2. 2. Welcome from our founder SERENA SOFTWARE INC. - CONFIDENTIAL2 Doug Troxel, founder President and CEO, 1980-97 CTO and board member, 1997-current Introducing Serena 3.1
  3. 3. Agenda News and Announcements InCom Partner Presentation Overview: Serena Release Manager’s Deployment Hub and ChangeMan ZMF Q&A SERENA SOFTWARE INC.3
  4. 4. News and Announcements •  ChangeMan ZMF 8.1 Beta Program •  ChangeMan ZMF 7.2 -> 8.1 •  Beta T1, Feb 1 •  Subsequent drop every 2 months •  David Jackson •  Comparex •  Target GA, May 8 •  StarTool FDM 7.8 •  Target GA July 16 •  ChangeMan SSM 8.5 •  Target GA Q4 2014 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.4
  5. 5. Overview: Serena Release Manager’s Deployment Hub and ChangeMan ZMF Mainframe VUG April 16, 2014 SERENA SOFTWARE INC.
  6. 6. The Mainframe Turns 50 – The Innovation Continues SERENA SOFTWARE INC.6
  7. 7. But the Mainframe is not an Island SERENA SOFTWARE INC.7 7 Request Develop QA Operate & Service Business Define Dev Ops Excel and email (release process) Quality Management Requirements Management Homegrown scripts (release automation) Service Requests / Request-For-Change (RFC) System Source Code Repository Mainframe Distributed IT Process Automation / Workflow Management
  8. 8. Poor Hand-offs and Coordination Delay Releases, Drive Costs, Waste Effort 8 Operate & Service Request & Define Develop QA Deploy Inefficient hand-offs, environment inconsistencies, rework and delays Poor release visibility and traceability throughout Uncertainty on release contents and timing, lack of trust, downtime Ad-hoc and manual methods to communicate requirements and release attributes
  9. 9. Serena Release Manager Provides Process Orchestration and Deployment Automation SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.9 Build Unit Test SIT UAT Pre- Prod Operate & Service Request & Define Develop QA Deploy Prod Release Manager Automate the Deployment Deployment Hub Orchestrate the Process Coordinate the Team
  10. 10. Serena Release Manager Provides Control, Collaboration, Automation and Visualization capabilities Release Manager Features 10 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC. •  Single system of record for release planning and execution including schedules, milestones, gates and approvals •  Calendars and timeline views of release trains, applications releases, environments and turnovers •  Social views enable collaboration on trains, apps, turnovers, deployments and more •  Automate large volume, highly repetitive tasks across environments, tools and teams
  11. 11. Demo SERENA SOFTWARE INC.11
  12. 12. SERENA SOFTWARE INC.12 Conclusion Must ask about … Kevin ParkerVice President and Product Officer kparker@serena.comSerena Software Inc. 1850 Gateway Drive, 4th Floor San Mateo CA 94404 650.224.1691 M Next VUG July 16,2014 Get milk Attend VUG Get newsletter Get brochure
  13. 13. SERENA SOFTWARE INC.13 Answers for Your Questions