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Introducing Serena Release Manager v5 - Briefing Presentation


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On December 4, 2013, Serena Software introduced new versions of Serena Release Manager, Serena Service Manager and SBM. This presentation is a brief introduction to the announcements with detail on how Serena Release Manager v5 addresses both the automation and people coordination and collaboration of a successful application release lifecycle. More detail is at

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Introducing Serena Release Manager v5 - Briefing Presentation

  1. 1. Introducing Serena Release Manager v5 Serena Software December, 2013 1
  2. 2. About Serena Software IT Software Provider We help Global 2000 enterprises build and release better software Orchestrated Solutions Process-centric solutions built on customer-proven IT process platform Orchestrated Dev, Release and Service Solutions Application Lifecycle Management Dimensions CM PVCS ChangeMan ZMF Release Management Serena Release Manager ITSM Serena Service Manager (SSM) IT Process Automation Serena Business Manager (SBM) Global Scale  200+ R&D engineers  15+ global locations  Follow-the sun support 2 Financially Solid  $200M+ revenue  33 years delivering software  Silver Lake portfolio company SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  3. 3. The News Introducing Serena Release Manager v5  The first solution to orchestrate the entire release lifecycle, adding people process automation to application deployment automation.  Available mid-December, along with new capabilities in SBM and SSM The Problems Today Solved in Serena Release Manager v5 Delays, mistakes and missed deliveries from poor release visibility Actionable insight from timeline views, KPIs dashboards and proactive notifications Release processes managed with email, Excel, SharePoint and conference calls One product that coordinates and automates the entire release lifecycle Costly rework and waste from manual, undocumented handoffs between Dev and Ops Automate hand-offs with detailed Turnover Requests and Application Release Runbooks Deployments automated with homegrown scripts and multiple point products Model-driven automation for consistent, repeatable deployments Silos of automation created from a plethora of upstart automation providers One customer-proven process platform integrated through Deployment Hub 3 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  4. 4. The Problem Software can be a key differentiator in every business today 4 Agile development has increased the pace of innovation SERENA SOFTWARE, INC. But has just pushed the bottleneck down to IT Operations
  5. 5. Slow, Costly and Error-Prone Application Releases Stalled commuter trains for 3 hours Lost $440M in 45 minutes Knight Capital Poor release quality due to ineffective hand-offs between Dev and Ops Global Commercial Bank BART Time consuming and error-prone manual deployments Global Insurer 50% of companies are dissatisfied with key portions of their release management process Forrester Research 5 Human errors deploying to 100 servers, no standard process and no audit trail Regional Retailer 95% of IT organizations lack a centralized release management process…and this contributes up to 80% of production defects Gartner SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  6. 6. Thus, the DevOps Movement 6 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  7. 7. Deployment Automation is Necessary …but insufficient Automating code and infrastructure deployments is a good first step but doesn’t solve the people and process problem The Release Lifecycle Request & Define Develop Build QA Unit Test SIT Deploy UAT The Path-to-Production 7 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC. PreProd Operate & Service Prod
  8. 8. Poor Hand-offs and Coordination Delay Releases, Drive Costs, Waste Effort Poor release visibility and traceability throughout Request & Define Develop Ad-hoc and manual methods to communicate requirements and release attributes 8 QA Deploy Inefficient hand-offs, environment inconsistencies, rework and delays Operate & Service Uncertainty on release contents and timing, lack of trust, downtime
  9. 9. Only Serena Release Manager Provides Process Orchestration and Deployment Automation Release Manager Orchestrate the Process Request & Define Coordinate the Team Develop QA Deploy Operate & Service Automate the Deployment Deployment Hub Build 9 Unit Test SIT UAT SERENA SOFTWARE, INC. PreProd Prod
  10. 10. Three Key Capabilities of Serena Release Manager v5 Serena Release Manager eliminates the complexities of release management by enabling companies with: 1. Visibility, Control and Standardization of the Process • New: Actionable Release Dashboards • New: Best Practice Release Processes 2. Coordination and Collaboration for Release Teams • New: Turnovers and Runbooks • New: Environment Management • New: Lifecycle Activity Feed 3. Automation of Application Deployments • New: Deployment Hub 10 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  11. 11. Actionable Release Dashboards Insight into the entire release lifecycle • Calendars and timeline views of: • Release trains • Applications releases • Environments • Turnovers • Out-of-the-box KPIs • Real-time tracking: actual vs. plan • Customizable, role-based 11 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  12. 12. Best Practice Release Process Templates Streamline and accelerate the release lifecycle • Easily tailored processes • Single system of record for release planning and execution • Schedules • Milestones • Gates and Approvals • Automatic cycle-time capture • Built-in audit trails for compliance and root cause analysis 12 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  13. 13. Turnovers and Runbooks Eliminate error-prone handoffs and deployments • Real-time calendar view of turnover schedule • Define, build, orchestrate and manage all deployment turnovers and tasks • Automate large volume, highly repetitive tasks across environments, tools and teams 13 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  14. 14. Environment Management Improve availability and readiness of preproduction environments • Calendar shows environment contention and availability issues • Process drives environment provisioning, management, and decommissioning • Automatic notification of environment readiness and status changes 14 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  15. 15. Lifecycle Activity Feed Communicate and collaborate across teams • Social views enable collaboration on trains, apps, turnovers, deployments and more • Post status updates, notes and requests for help • Threads grouped by the stages of the release • Follow an item, person or issue with status updates via Twitter, Yammer, email or SMS. 15 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  16. 16. Deployment Hub Leverage existing deployment and automation tools • Automated deployment process replaces scripting and manual actions • Supports Serena and thirdparty automation tools • Easy to use graphical editor for designing deployments • Enterprise security and scalability 16 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  17. 17. Serena’s Continued Innovation in Release Management 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 Awarded Pink Innovation of the Year Introduced First Serena Release Manager Solution Introduced Application Release Manager for Mainframe “DevOps” coined for first meetups 17 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC. Introduced First Enterprise-Class Deployment Automation Launched Serena Release Manager v5, bringing together process and automation
  18. 18. Typical Serena Release Manager Success Stories Global Commercial Bank $25B+ revenue US On-line Brokerage $2B+ revenue • Enabled better control over the end-toend release process • Integrated with HP ALM, Service Now and Serena mainframe change mgmt software • Provides status updates to Dev as release goes through QA, UAT, Production • Release dependencies were tracked manually. Made scheduling 80 releases per quarter across 8 QA environments challenging. • Created better visibility into available environments, release schedules • Helps QA tackle the high volume of releases US Investment Management Firm $1B+ revenue Swiss Insurance Company $33B+ revenue • No formal release process. 2-person team unable to keep up with development updates. • Implemented Serena Release Manager • QA delays cost the business £1.6m in manhours in 2012; defective releases cost £1.4m in 2012 • Redeployed 1 FTE to higher value tasks, and saved $200k/year insourcing config mgmt • Headquarters demanding more auditability across release process • 3x increase in deployment throughput • Allowed company to rapidly move application code across environments • 75% reduction in deployment errors 18 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  19. 19. Also Announcing New Versions of SBM, SSM Application Lifecycle Management Dimensions CM PVCS ChangeMan ZMF Release Management Serena Release Manager ITSM Serena Service Manager (SSM) IT Process Automation Serena Business Manager (SBM) Serena Business Manager (SBM) and Serena Service Manager (SSM) • New Work Center A unified, centralized workspace for stakeholders and users to view, track and act on their work items/issues while coordinating and collaborating with team members and stakeholders. • Universal Search New search enables easy access to information across all objects, projects and applications for increased user efficiency. • Completely Redesigned User Interface Supports work management and visibility across any browser or mobile device. 19 SERENA SOFTWARE, INC.
  20. 20. Thank You For additional information about this launch, including supporting documents, videos, screenshots and testimonials, please visit: