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Serena Software DevOps Drive-In Webcast Series –
Expert Opinion:
Adding Value to Open Source using Commercial Software

Have you ever struggled trying to get your open source solutions to work with each other? Do you perceive using open source or commercial software as having to choose between one or the other? Learn how commercial software and open source software can actually add value to each other.

Tools like Jenkins, Puppet and Chef are frequently used as part of DevOps automation solutions. Building a full release management solution, including DevOps automation using open source software alone can be done. However, to make it successful, large teams of experts are required to chain things together. Commercial software can actually help bridge the gap and make you productive without needing large teams to create and maintain your tools.

DevOps experts Dave Nielsen and Jonathan Thorpe discuss:
• Hidden costs of exclusively using open source or commercial software
• Benefits of implementing commercial software and open source
• Critical success factors to think about when choosing commercial software to exist with your open source software
Discussion is followed by a demo of Serena’s release management solutions by Senior Solutions Architect Erika Marwood.

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  • Expert opinion dave nielsen 26_june2013

    1. 1. Adding value to open source using commercial software A DevOps story
    2. 2. Jonathan Thorpe Jonathan Thorpe is Product Marketing Manager for all things DevOps and Continuous Delivery at Serena Software. Previously Jonathan worked as a Systems Analyst at Electric Cloud, specializing in DevOps-related solutions. Prior to Electric Cloud Jonathan worked in development teams specializing in development process and infrastructure. 2
    3. 3. Dave Nielsen Nielsen is the co-founder of CloudCamp, the largest grassroots cloud computing organization in the world. He is also the principal consultant at Platform D, a strategic consulting company, where he helps companies organize hackathons and other events to promote their cloud-based technologies to developers. Prior to Platform D, Nielsen was one of the first Web API evangelists, serving as PayPal's first technical evangelist. He went on to grow the PayPal Developer Network to over 350,000 developers. As one of the original web services industry professionals, Nielsen has had to stay at the forefront of "what's next," constantly shifting roles within web services. 3
    4. 4. What is DevOps? 4 DevOps is a movement to bring about collaboration between the members of development and operations groups John Willis best described DevOps as consisting of 4 core components known as CAMS  Culture  Automation  Measurement  Sharing
    5. 5. Quote Example SERENA SOFTWARE INC.5 "Enterprise IT must change from the inside or it will get disrupted from the outside. DevOps can help bring IT the necessary change." Dave Nielsen “By 2015, DevOps will Evolve from a Niche Strategy … into a Mainstream Strategy Employed by 20% of Global 2000 Organizations.” Gartner Research Catalysts Signal the Growth of DevOps; Feb 2012
    6. 6. The early DevOps adopters 6
    7. 7. What open source tools are available to support a DevOps initiative? 7 Open source Puppet Chef Vagrant +many others Docker Jenkins
    8. 8. Example open source DevOps toolchain SCM Build and Pipeline Mgmt VM Layer Server Configuration Automated Tests 8
    9. 9. DevOps in the enterprise 9
    10. 10. What parts of a DevOps toolchain does commercial software commonly cover? Application deployment Release management Process management Integrations between complex systems 10
    11. 11. Using commercial software to add value to the open source toolchain SCM Build VM Layer Server Configuration Automated Tests Release Control and Reporting Release Automation 11
    12. 12. Stay tuned for the demo! 12
    13. 13. Continue the discussion @jonathan_thorpe @davenielsen Serena DevOps blog posts 13
    14. 14. Demo 14