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Dave Nielsen on DevOps: Adding Value to Open Source using Commercial Software


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Tools like Jenkins, Puppet and Chef are frequently used as part of a DevOps automation solution. Building a full release management solution which includes DevOps automation using open source software alone can be done successfully but at the cost of needing to have large teams of experts to chain things together. Commercial software can help bridge the gap and make you productive without needing large teams to create and maintain your tools. Listen to this recoreded Serena DevOps Drive-In webcast to learn:

- The hidden costs of of using open source or commercial software exclusively
- The benefits of using commercial software and open source together in a solution
- Important points to keep in mind when choosing commercial software that must exist with your open source software


Dave Nielsen
Co-founder of CloudCamp & Cloud Computing Evangelist at Platform D.
Dave is the Senior Camp Councilor of CloudCamp, a community of Cloud Computing enthusiasts and community organizers in 100+ cities around the world. In his spare time he runs the Silicon Valley Cloud Center, an open-to-the-community data center and event venue where Cloud-related specialists run workshops, hold meetups and run hackathons.

Jonathan Thrope, DevOps Evangelist
Jonathan Thorpe is Product Marketing Manager for all things DevOps and Continuous Delivery at Serena Software. Previously Jonathan worked as a Systems Analyst at Electric Cloud, specializing in DevOps-related solutions. Jonathan holds a degree in Computing Systems from Nottingham Trent University.

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