Obtaining a certificate about food handling online


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How to get food handling certificate online

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Obtaining a certificate about food handling online

  1. 1. http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  2. 2. » There are a lot of opportunities that the food industry offers. Although there are a lot of opportunities in Australia in the food industry, these are limited to those who are trained in proper food handling.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  3. 3. » Food safety training is essential in the food industry due to the reason that improper food handling course may lead to consumers getting foodborne diseases. Having a foodborne disease is not something you would just ignore it. In fact it is a serious case because there are instances that it can lead to death.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  4. 4. » People who suffer foodborne illness end up in the hospital and this contributes a lot of stress to the family of the person. There are even people that doesn’t get through it and die and the food establishment is accountable with this.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  5. 5. » It is quite a big responsibility in making sure that the food being served is safe to consume. It needs people handling the food to be completely trained in doing the job and the training is truly worth it.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  6. 6. » The employment opportunity in the food industry is high but the competition is steep. There are many applicants every year but only a few gets in and those are the ones that are trained for the job.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  7. 7. » There is a strict rule in Australia that governs the people that is responsible for food preparation and service. The people in this industry are obliged to have the proper training and a certificate that verifies their competency.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  8. 8. » Regardless of your position in the food industry as long as you have a direct contact with food then you need to have the food safety training course and the certificate to qualify for the employment.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  9. 9. » The technology of today makes our lives easier and more convenient. We can now take courses remotely and in the convenience of our home.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  10. 10. » The food handling course is now available online. The training only costs less than $50 and you can pay it online and do the training in your own home and on your own time. All you need to do is enroll online, pay your fees and the application will be processed. The code of the food handling course you need to take is SITXOHS002A which valid all over Australia.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  11. 11. » The course can be completed for 4 hours, though you have the choice to pause and resume it anytime you want as long as it is within 2 months. You just need to have an internet connection, a working laptop, headset and a printer and your all set.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  12. 12. » When you have completed and passed the training then you can just print the certificate and you’ll be eligible at any work in the food industry. You just need to present your certificate when you apply for the job.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  13. 13. » All you need to have is the training to go on a career promising journey. You just take the training online and you can apply at any job in the food industry.http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp
  14. 14. http://www.eclipseeducation.com.au/courses_FWHP.asp