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  1. 1. Performance:In most of indie band music video, instrumentalperformance could be seen, such as the Killers‘Runaways’ and Muse ‘New Born’. In these video,musical instrument such as bass and drums could beseen when band members playing it. Instrument is aconvention of indie rock music video. We know it isa challenge for us that we have no band performancein the video, instead we have dance performance withno instrument.We did not use the instrumentalperformance by the limitation of our group that wehave any friends who has a band. And also we thinkthe combination of dance performance and soloperformance can represent the song better, thataudience can more focus on the song itself.As Sven Carlsson’s theory, our music video is aperformances clip with the combination of song anddance performances.In our music video, Bronte’sdancing sequence is the climax of the song, herperformance shown her true feelings by her strongbody language these sequence represent the theme of
  2. 2. the story and the lyrics. Her dance style is thecombination of modern and ballet dance. This hasbeen seen before, for example inFlorence’s musicvideo ‘Spectrum’, dancers’ dance style are also thecombinations of modern and ballet, ballet’s elegantwell represents the lyrics ‘We were cold and we wereclear’, when the song reach the climax, dance stylechange into modern dance to represent lyrics.For the song performance, solo performance is usedin our music video; Bronte is doing the songperformance by herself. This is very different to theother indie rock music video by comparison betweenfor example The Killer’s music video. We chose thisperformance because of the theme of the song; wethink it may be the best way to represent this song, todescribe the meaning of the lyrics. We used aconvention for the other genre pops, soloperformance usually can be seen in this genre. Such asin Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ music video, she is soloperformance in the music video to represent her songby her strong performance which showed the
  3. 3. audience her mind.