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  • Dear Stephen,

    when i do google search i see ellipsis in google search URL links such as
    or anoher example
    i want a tool which i can show me the complete URL/LINK on the webpage for each search instead of showing cached page.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • t global website traffic reported by seoMoz, Compete, Nielson-Net, Alexa, and Karma Snack's Snackfolio traffic analytics. The data is monitored and updated twice a month. July 2012
  • -a who –the who; sky blue or blue sky; black and white or white and black-capitalization, special characters don’t matter except: #, C++, $100, or company name followed by a + will let search through G+ results. … The three dots means that Google has extracted the results that match your search keywords… it is called the snippet
  • Get to know the usage of quotes if you don’t already. Delete the word “the”
  • movies lansing miweather lansing mi… on the side it tells you where google is getting the information from time phoenix az HA 124 – flight informationGoogle search features
  • mmigrants send money home – remittance Define function – click on audio icon to hear pronunciation
  • bar to see the documents, rather than clicking on each search result. The three dots means that Google has extracted the results that match your search keywords… it is called the snippet
  • site: operator basically tells Google “I want you to only show me results from specific Web sites or domains I specify.” Operator is something add to tell Google to do something. You can not have a space between the semi-colon. Kml- Google Earth data setsSite:standford.edufiletype:pdf
  • Text in the middle of them. This word has to be in the text. Like someone’s name. Intext: A princess, Social activist, human rights defender, Internationally recognized and awarded charity organizer and a fashion Icon. She is a perfect model for the young generation of females in her Country.
  • Understanding different media – “resume” at the bottom you will see images of resumes. You may have not thought of using image search on how to write a resume. You can also search for videos
  • Left hand panel and Date range limiting“Show search tools” – Limiting the results by timeLaws in fugu preparation- news. Content, sites updated in the past 24hours… click the X, and you click on news to get results from a specific time period.
  • search for content in different languages – Eurozone. What do the Greeks think about it, but show up in English. Dolphin temples
  • However you can let Google use more synonyms and even focus the results on them. The ~ operator prompts Google to use more synonyms and related searches which gives you more clues on the topic:
  • And you can even prompt Google to search only for synonyms excluding the base search term from search results: -to exclude a term from search results… salsa –music –tomatoes
  • How do you figure where an image comes from?You can drag an image to the images search bar to submit a file and it will show where the most likely place it originally came from. Figure out where this place is. You can take a picture of any item and drag and drop it into search box.Al Musmak Castle
  • You can filter image searches color by selecting the color palette by selecting images that are primarily one color. Colors imply context… like fossils in gray rock. Fast way to find black and white images or old photos. When you click on photo, and select similar, you will get a lot of similar photos. You can color filter on iPhones,.
  • MapDrag yellow guy to points to enable street view… click panelThis is a deserted village, which is situated on a cliff top, which is situated some thousand meters above the surrounding valley and field. When the desert was populated, the villagers were supplied food and other amenities by means of a rope hung from an iron stand above. eiffel tower, Avenue Anatole France, Paris, France
  • Hot teaGoogle web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. We then show you a graph with the results – our Search Volume Index graph. Currently, Google Trends is only available in English and in Chinese.
  • l if you’re a journalist looking to anticipate what readers are looking for, or if you’re looking for a historical search pattern.Hot tea
  • Google search

    1. 1. Search smarter using GoogleBy Serena @drcarp
    2. 2. Search engine distribution
    3. 3. How search works
    4. 4. Google• Vary keywords during search queries• Word order• Capitalization does not matter• Ignores special characters (¶, £, €, ©, ®, ÷, §, %, (), @, ?, ! ) • $, +, #• Math• Defaults to 10 – BAD
    5. 5. Quotations• serena carpenter vs “serena carpenter”
    6. 6. Google search features• Time• Sunrise & sunset• Public data• Currency conversion• Flight schedules
    7. 7. define
    8. 8. Rollover preview
    9. 9. site:• site:edu “Search Engines”• “Search Engines”• exercise• exercise
    10. 10. intext:• intext:”Princess Amira Altaweel”
    11. 11. filetype:• Think about image search as a filter• .pdf, .jpg, .psd, .ppt, .pptx
    12. 12. Date filter
    13. 13. Translation• Translates foreign pages• Translator
    14. 14. ~
    15. 15. -jaguar -cars -football
    16. 16. Image source• Home site• Picture translation
    17. 17. Images• Filter by similar• Filter by color
    18. 18. Street View
    19. 19. Google Insights
    20. 20. Primary Research• E-Resources – – Google Scholar• Topic search engines – – PsychINFO, MEDLINE, Comm & Mass Media Complete• Research journal title –• Data and statistics –
    21. 21. Mini-quizYou run two searches: [Golden Retriever] and[golden retriever].1. The top results would be the same.2. The top results would be different.
    22. 22. You are looking at pictures of dogs, and would like morethat are visually similar to the one image. What do youdo next?1. Revise the words in the search box to read: [dogs more like this].2. Mouse over the image you like, and click on the link that says Similar.3. Open the filters in the column on the left and click Similar.
    23. 23. You want to search exclusively within theHumane Society website ( tofind pages about puppy training. What would bethe best query to type into the search box? 1. puppy training 2. humane society puppy training 3. puppy training pages in website 4. i need info about puppy training from
    24. 24. You run two searches: [mountain dog] and [dogmountain] 1. The top results would be the same. 2. The top results would be different.
    25. 25. What does the ellipsis (...) between the twophrases means? 1. The two phrases are parts of the same sentence. 2. The two phrases are on the same page, but are not necessarily part of the same sentence or idea. 3. The missing text, represented by the ellipsis, is not important to the meaning of the page. Google is displaying sentences from two different websites.