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How to help someone avoid a drug addiction relapse


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How to help someone avoid a drug addiction relapse

  1. 1. If you have a loved one who is going through an addiction recovery, you should try and be there for them so that they have someone to talk to while they are facing the difficult process. The person that is dealing with an addiction will need to know that someone is there to listen to their stories and share their difficulties with.
  2. 2. Some drug addicts become very sedentary from their addictive behavior. You can help your loved one by encouraging them to get out and get some exercise. Try going on walks or playing sports with them as a way to get them out of the house and on their feet. Be someone that they can rely on for an exercise partner. This will help them to clear their heads and maybe get a little bit of relief from the difficulty of their drug addiction recovery. Exercise also has the ability to release endorphins and this might help them feel a little better while they are exercising.
  3. 3. Support groups are also very helpful to someone who is going through and addiction recovery. If your loved one is in need of a support group, you can offer to go with them or bring them to the support group. They will need some encouragement to keep on attending these groups and get the benefit that they can provide.
  4. 4. Helping someone deal with drug addiction recovery can be as simple as giving them a different outlet than the drugs that they are used to turning to. Help them face some of the situations that might be stressful for them and show them that there is another way to deal with the problems other than taking drugs. The person who is addicted to drugs and attempting to recover will be feeling a number of mixed emotions during that time. One of the major reasons that people turn to drugs and alcohol is because they are unable to face their emotions. When the drugs are gone from their life, they will have to face the problems that they were running from in the first place.
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