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Domestic Violence (Research Project)


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Domestic violence and abuse affects to enviroment..

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Domestic Violence (Research Project)

  1. 1. Name&Surname : Umoh Udeme EPHRAIM / Serdar SÖNMEZ Project Name : Domestic Violence University : Cyprus International University Number : 20101164 / 20110197
  2. 2. What is Domestic Violence? • D.V is an abuse or pattern of bad behaviour in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over the target people. • Target people which are generally women, children and intimate person.
  3. 3. Domestic Violence can happen to anyone due to; •Race •Age •Gender •Marriage •Friendship •Religion •Status •Socioeconomical Reason •Self-realization
  4. 4. • The history of domestic violence is traced back to 753 B.C during the reign of Romulus in Rome. • Wife beating was accepted and condoled under the laws of chastisement. • These laws permitted the man to beat his wife with rod or switch. This was the origin of the phase ’’Rule of thumb’’. • This study looked at several types of domestic violence such as forced sexual initiation, sexual assault of children, human trafficking, forced prostitution. • This movements also invoking battered wives who pressured policy makers and the criminal justice system till to our age. • Main aim is the revise sanctions and procedures.
  5. 5. Why Do Research On Domestic Violence? •To raise awareness about domestic violence and to make target people to avoid it. •To collect datas to build democratic management system in the country about human rights. •Observe the statistics of target groups currently under the influence of domestic violence.
  6. 6. Data Collection Process •We conduct an interview with C.I.U. society. • The main aim was to get concrete information about the topic. •We try to observe people really aware of this topic. •Participants persistently defend the increasing battered women shelter and raise the awareness of domestic violence topic in society. •Also benefit from internet,article and statistics.
  7. 7. Forms of Domestic Violence • Physical abuse • Sexual Abuse • Emotional Abuse • Financial Abuse
  8. 8. Physical Abuse • Physical violence is the threat of harmful and any forceful physical behaviour. • That causes bodily harm or destruction. • Examples of physical abuse; hitting, beating, choking.. • Punching walls or doors. • Also we can say preventing the partner leaving from home. • A Statistic:%95 of batterers are men in the world.
  9. 9. Sexual Abuse • Sexual abuse is any forced to sexual act or behaviour motivated to acquire power and control over the partner. • It is not only sexual contact but also contact that humilitates the partner. • Example of sexual abuse;unwanted touching, rape etc. • Every two minutes,someone in the U.S sexually assaulted.
  10. 10. Emotional Abuse • Emotional abuse is any use of words, voice, action,hurt or humilitate to another person. • Behavioral indicators ;verbal threats,name calling and use of abusive language. • Manipulating the partner with words,ideas, lies etc. • Agressiveness,destructive and anti-social behaviour, lack of self-confidence.
  11. 11. Financial Abuse • Financial abuse is the use or misuse of monetary and financial resources without partner’s freely consent in the partnership. • It can be forbiding to partner to work. • Controlling shared resources including bank accounts and common property. • Jeopardizing the partner’s employment such as tactics as excessive call to work,generating conflict with co-workers etc.
  12. 12. Sample of Bad Behaviour Patterns This behaviours cause a conflict with people; • Your partner can try to isolate you from family or friends. • Your partner can follow you,where you go,who you spend time with,who you call. • Partner does not trust you and acts jealous or possesive. • Accuse the partner of being racist. • Use your spiritual beliefs to manipulate you.Trying to prevent you from practicing your religious belief.
  13. 13. Hypothesis’ for Solution • We need to improve the status of women and education level within the society. • Giving and teaching professional guidance and psychological counselling. • Our aim should be change the perception and point of view to children,women and intimate person. • We need to teach to people talk each other without screaming.
  14. 14. Findings After collecting and analysing the datas,we found out that; • Domestic victims are intimate partners, relatives,individuals that have child and women in common. • Women who are 18 and less than 60 are more affected. • Women and children are vulnerable because of men are dominant and generally they are earning money for living so it cause stressful situation. • Nowadays women found a way to cope with beating.They tend to go to school because men take advantage from incomplete education.
  15. 15. Findings • Also we found that literacy rate is the major reason. • Education does not have mean earning income.However women tend to fight back to cope with domestic violence,acquire education and power. • Domestic violence cause kinds of diseases; Anxiety,chronic depression,death, dehydration, drug and alchol dependence,dissociative states, panic attack etc.
  16. 16. Findings&Statistics • %95 of batterers are men. • %93 of victims are women,%2 of victims are child in Turkey. • Every 9 seconds in the U.S a women is assulted or beaten. • %25 to %45 of battered women are battered during the pregnancy. • Women ages 20 to 24 are at greatest risk of becoming victims of domestic violence. • Every year more than 3 million children witness of domestic violence in their homes. • Children who exposed to domestic violence,they tend to being illness,health problems.
  17. 17. Expectations After accomplish to doing our hypothesis’ and solutions, We can expect the following states; • Ensure the integrity of body and soul. • Gain the psychological healthier children, women and people to society. • Decrease mental and psychological diseases of society. • We can build healthier and happier family structure.
  18. 18. Abstract • This research is about the violence that exists between the victims and offenders. • Can be physical assault, verbal threats and financial problems etc. • This research proposal highlights the recent literature associated with domestic violence and the most recent statistics available. • It discusses the data collection and analyses. • The methodology includes quantitative and qualitative analysis. • Datas were collected from volunteers and technnological instruments etc.
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