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Continuous tense


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Continuous tense

  1. 1. SIMPLE CONTINUOUSTENSE Prepared by SerdarDuman
  2. 2. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE AFFIRMATIVE: PlayI am ‘mYou areWe ‘re playingTheyHe isShe ‘sIt
  3. 3. THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE INTERROGATIVE:Play NEGATIVE: Play am notAm I I ‘m not you You are notAre we playing? We aren’t playing they They he He is notIs she She isn’t it It
  4. 4. VERB + ing (spelling rules)listen + ing = listeningdie (-iey) + ing = dyingwrite + ing = writinghop + p + ing = hoppingtravel + l + ing = travelling
  5. 5. Make –ingforms of each verb given.begin getrub uselisten admitlie tryswim decidestudy comehappen put
  6. 6. –ingformsbeginning gettingrubbing usinglistening admittinglying tryingswimming decidingstudying cominghappening putting
  7. 7. USE 1. Present Actions  He is eating dinner  Mary is talking with her friends  They are swimming in the pool
  8. 8. WHAT IS SHE DOING? draw She is drawing a picture at the moment
  9. 9.  2. Temporary Actions I am riding a bike to get to work because my car is broken.  Mary is working at McDonald’s this semester.
  10. 10. TEMPORARY ACTIONS (2)They normally play tennis.But this week they are skating.
  11. 11.  3. Longer Actions in Progress  They are working hard to earn money.  Mike is studying too hard to become a doctor.  I am writing an adventure book.
  12. 12.  4. Future arrangements and plans I am meeting Kate in the evening.  He is flying to Barcelona in June.  We are not going anywhere tomorrow.
  13. 13. FUTURE ARRANGEMENTS (4)They are celebrating a party next weekend.
  14. 14.  5. Changing situations. Tendencies and Trends  Our country is getting richer.  The Universe is expanding.  Harry Potter is getting more and more popular.
  15. 15. Changing ActionsYesterday it was very sunny.Today it’s raining more and more.
  16. 16. Tendencies and TrendsThese days, more women are working as taxi drivers.Lady Gaga is getting more popular these days.
  17. 17.  6. Irritation or Anger (used with always, continually, constantly)  She is always complaining about everything.  John is always asking stupid questions.  My boss is constantly criticizing me.
  18. 18. SUMMARY OF USES1. Present Actions2. Temporary Actions3. Longer Actions in Progress4. Future (personal) plans5. Tendencies and trends, changing situations6. Irritation
  19. 19. PRACTICE EXAMPLES USE I am reading a book. present actions They are swimming in the sea. I am having my first driving lessonthis week. I am studying to become a lawyerone day. She is always asking me stupidquestions.