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Visual Design & Type I


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Visual Design & Type I

  2. 2. M.A.D.D.
  3. 3. WHEN YOU DRINK, THE LAW IS NOT THE ONLY THING YOU’RE BREAKING DRINKING CAN DAMAGE A LOT MORE THAN JUST YOUR REPUTATIONSee how teen drinking harms brain development See how teen drinking harms brain developmentat at
  4. 4. DRINKINGCAN DAMAGEA LOT MORETHAN JUSTYOURREPUTATION See how teen drinking harms brain development at
  5. 5. END OF PRINT
  7. 7. SoMa junction the tween b lo c ks be to offe r a go, t h e asin had littlea n s a n d cade ina B ll f r e de roach and Che lc o m e b a s e btiaally a swath m e e app A et to w essen ce of ridg un. S s s ti ll n uen Bay B y of f , it wa the co d u c e d a wa ll e r s ay, i n t h e condo dwe ut tod has p ro ets. B n Bay entere d moni ed ople d stre issio what c e, unpe , a nd M , some S treets. of wid o u th B e a c h rhood nsend ighbo d Tow a, S emi-ne rth an SoM rcial d at Fou omme station new c altrain d the C aroun s rloper os, lpar k inte cond d bal ing luxur y oping Beyon scrap d evel ky od is and s eighborho . ln t a rea h of Marke ut far so written by: Talia Salem, photos by: Andrea Serapioni
  8. 8. SHOPFRONTS T h e c o u n t r y ’s l a r g e s t m o d e r n - f u r n i s h i n g s s h o w r o o m a n d t h eBuilt amid industrial warehouses (now full of Web ultimate avant-garde nesting spot, Limn stocks pieces by more than2.0 startups) and low — income housing, the hub 1 , 5 0 0 d e s i g n e r s , i n c l u d i n g D r o o g , M o o o i , a n d To m D i x o n .is still light on street life. Dan Friedlander’s other home haven carries the cutting—edge French lineB u t eve n t h a t i s c h a n g i n g. Ligne Roset. 290 Townsend St.; 162 King St.Case in point: A South Beach/Mission Bay neighborhood Already enjoying a solid following for its innovative Since 1987, Jeremy’s has been a not-so-secret resource for discontinued andassociation just came together and is planning two block parties cocktails (try the Atlantis) and upscale California cuisine, discounted pieces by top designers, like Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dresses,for later this summer. And there are nally residents here to Bacar rebranded its downstairs lounge last year as Bacar Christian Louboutin pumps, and Seven jeans. 2 S. Park St.attend them, thanks to scattered condo towers lling with suits Below, with live jazz on weekends. 448 Brannan St.commuting to the -di and techies drawn to the nearby of ces “Wear something rare” is the motto at 440 Brannan, a spaciousof Google, Adobe, and LookSmart, as well as easy access studio and store that has fostered young designers like theto Valley-bound freeways. New restaurants like Orson, District, THE TALK ladies behind Minnie Wilde and Saffron Rare Threads. Checkand South cater to these ush thirtysomethings with inventive Foodies couldn’t wait for the February launch of Orson, Elizabeth out the sleek, sculpturesque duds by gr.dano. 440 Brannan lists, menus, and hours (11 p.m. is the new closing time Faulkner’s high-concept follow-up to Citizen Cake. But critics’around here). Meanwhile, at casual hangouts like Primo Patio feedback has been mixed—and an unusual number of Yelpers Infused with the scents of Provence, Ma Maison carries colorful atware,and the Brickhouse Cafe, you can actually spot locals who have assigned it a meager single star, lamenting the “microplate” etched crystal glasses, enticing cookbooks, and aromatic soaps. 592 3rd St.haven’t just wandered over from watching a Bonds-less nine portions and “poor execution” of “weird and weirder” dishes.innings. Add a real grocery store (Safeway) and an airy public The one-stop S.F. shop for classical guitar enthusiasts, Guitar Sololibrary along Fourth Street, plus nearly a dozen furniture Even so, adventurous diners have kept the industrial-chic packs in an expansive collection of sheet music, CDs, and top-notchstores (including Limn, the best in the city), and you’ve got a space booked for its first few months—but it remains to be. axes. The store attracts a star-studded clientele, including Tracy Chap-neighborhood where people can not only live and work, but seen whether they’ll return for a second helping. 508 4th St. man and James Taylor, and has its own record label. 230 Townsend St.also play.ON  THIS  SPOTIn 1859, early gold miners ocked to San Francisco, hoping to nd wealth on the sandy shores of South Beach, much of whichnow sits on land ll. At the corner of Townsend and ColinP. Kelly Jr. Streets, a plaque indicates the 1857 shoreline.  HANGOUTSThe Brickhouse Cafe is a welcome change of pace from SoMa’scrowded, chic nightspots. Popular for its eclectic decor, generouspours, and Wagyu beef burgers, this warm hideout offers livelocal music on Thursday and Friday nights. 426 Brannan St.
  9. 9. WHAT IT COSTSWHAT  WE  LOVE   $939,000 for a two—bedroom—plus condoThe big museum in the park got most of the press last year, but If you had the stamina, you could spend an entire day in this with a balcony overlooking the ballpark,meanwhile, the Yerba Buena arts district, in SoMa between patch of concentrated culture. Imagine checking out the Music at 88 King St.Market and Howard and Third and Fourth, is becoming a true in Comics show at the Cartoon Art Museum and the exhibitioncultural nexus. New museums have opened and established of African American quilts at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art $ 3 , 7 0 0 fo r a t w o — b e d r o o m c o n d o with a chef’s kitchen and walk-in closets,ones have relocated, institutions are renewing themselves and in the morning, stopping for lunch and the Matthew Barney at 170 King St.future ones—like the Jewish Museum-—have broken ground. All show at SFMOMA, dropping by MoAD to take in the work ofthis action has created a vortex that’s drawing in art lovers and photographer Gordon Parks, and capping the whole excursionthose in search of history. at the hip opening night party for Cosmic Wonder at Yerba GRUB “The new energy in the neighborhood is palpable,” says Buena. (One of these days, you’ll be able to take a break in The latest in alleyway caffeination, Cento serves up BlueYerba Buena Center for the Arts executive director Ken Foster. a sculpture garden atop the SFMOMA parking garage. San Bottle coffee, polenta, and morning pastries from the back“There are more tourists, more residents, new businesses, and Francisco’s Jensen & Macy architects are working on it now.) door of recently revamped nightclub 330  Ritch. 360 Ritch St.more foot traf c. As a result, we’re attracting more people, and Speaking of those YBCA parties, checkit’s an incredible time to be here.” Packed early on the weekends for brunch, Town’s End brings you a basket of freshly baked pastries before you even order.“There  are  more  tourists,  more  residents,  new  businesses,   Enjoy Mary’s Special: Swedish oatmeal pancakes and eggs  As  a  result,  we’re  attracting  more   seasoned with onions and garlic. In a rush? Grab a cup of coffee and a treat to go from the café. 2 Townsend St. In the sunny courtyard at Primo Patio, jeans-clad techSo many museums in such a small area means more opportunity out this month’s bash celebrating the opening of Cosmic workers and besuited professionals order up crowd-for all. “We hope that all of the organizations in the Yerba Buena Wonder, which exhibits the work of a new generation of artists pleasing Caribbean fare, especially the flavorful (butarea will work with one another, rather than competing,” says who are using hypnotic patterns and imagery to explore the not scorchingly hot) jerk chicken. 214 Townsend St.Rene de Guzman, visual curator for YBCA. He’s thinking of great beyond. Besides jamming out to music by Soft Circlecooperative events, such as the recent joint ticket with the Cartoon and Feathers, the coolest kids in town will be taking part in With moderate prices, attentive service, and tasty Thai dishesArts Museum and even a universal pass to all the museums. the beloved group levitation game Light as a Feather, Stiff as a like basil chicken and pumpkin curry (served in an actual “I can’t think of a better place to be in terms of collaboration Board. July 14, $12 in advance, $15 at door. pumpkin), it’s no wonder that Koh Samui & the Monkey isand support,” says Denise Bradley, executive director of the abuzz well into the night. 415 Brannan St.Museum of the African Diaspora, which opened in the St. RegisHotel in December. She cites, as one example, the Yerba BuenaBlack Panthers exhibition, during which MoAD cohosted thebook signing for ex-Panther Kathleen Cleaver, while YBCA helda progressive party with MoAD called From the West Coast tothe Ivory Coast.YBCA, 701 Mission St. 415-978-2787Cartoon Art Museum, 655 Mission St., 415-227-8666MoAD, 685 Mission St., 415-358-7200Museum of Craft and Folk Art, 51 Yerba Buena Ln., 415-227-4888SFMOMA, 151 Third St., 415-357-4000
  11. 11. The Asian Art Museum–Chong-Moon Lee is one ofSan Francisco’s premier arts institutions. Home toa world-renowned collection of more than 18,000Asia Art treasures spanning 6000 years of history.Holding nearly 17,000 Asian art treasures spanning6,000 years of history—is one of the largest museumsin the Western world devoted exclusively to Asian art.Through rich art experiences, centered on historic andcontemporary artworks, the Asian Art Museum unlocksthe past for visitors, bringing it to life, while serving asa catalyst for new art, new creativity, and new thinking. MUSEUM
  12. 12. MUSEUM
  13. 13. MUSEUM
  14. 14. MUSEUM
  15. 15. IDEAS
  17. 17. TARGET
  19. 19. SKETCH
  21. 21. LOGO modern | minimal | zen
  22. 22. DETAILS N N CLEAR SPACE CLEAR SPACEN N CLEAR SPACE CLEAR SPACETYPE: Optima LT std INDICATIONS Don’t Stretch Don’t Overlap Don’t divide the graphic from the text The clear space is given by the width of the letter N in word ASIAN
  23. 23. COLORSPantone 268c Pantone 668c White Black#8177B7 #8177B7 #FFFFFFFF #000000C: 54% C: 65% C: 0% C: 75%M: 56% M: 64% M: 0% M: 68%Y 0% Y 0% Y 0% Y 67%K 0% K 30% K 0% K 90%
  24. 24. BUSINESS CARD FRONT Larkin Street San Francisco, CA 94102 . . @ .
  26. 26. BUSINESS CARD FRONT Jay Xu DIRECTOR Larkin Street San Francisco, CA 94102 . . @ .
  27. 27. ENVELOPE FRONT Larkin StreetSan Francisco, CA 94102
  28. 28. LETTERHEAD Larkin Street San Francisco, CA 94102 . . @ .
  29. 29. TICKET General Admission College (with ID) – $7 Wed October 26, 2011 12PMApply this admission ticket today towards Museum membership and SAVE each time you visit.
  30. 30. DIGITAL TICKET Larkin Street San Francisco, CA 94102 . . @ . General Admission College (with ID) – $7Wed October 26, 2011 12PM
  31. 31. POSTER Four billion faces. Every one tells a story.200 LARKIN STREET ASIANART.ORG
  32. 32. POSTER Four billion faces. Every one tells a story.200 LARKIN STREET ASIANART.ORG
  33. 33. POSTER Four billion faces. Every one tells a story.200 LARKIN STREET ASIANART.ORG
  35. 35. Win the bonus Your email address Four billion faces. Four billion faces. Four billion faces. Every one tells a story. Every one tells a story. Every one tells a story. YOU WON!
  36. 36. THANKS