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NoodleTools: How to Cite a Primary Source found on a Website using NoodleTools 2017


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This has step-by-step directions for creating a NoodleTools citation for a primary source document found online, using Chicago-Turabian style.

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NoodleTools: How to Cite a Primary Source found on a Website using NoodleTools 2017

  1. 1. The Taft School Library How to Cite a Primary Source Found on a Website http://www... Revised 10/2017
  2. 2. The title of our primary source document is Warrant for the Arrest of Elizabeth Proctor and Sarah Cloyce
  3. 3. You’ll need the full URL for your citation
  4. 4. And the author(s) and the date of your document, if given
  5. 5. It comes from this website about the Salem witch trials of 1692
  6. 6. Study the page to learn more about the site. The page title and the URL both tell us this page actually part of a larger web project called Famous Trials (NOTE: Not all websites will be part of a larger web project)
  7. 7. Here’s the homepage with the site title and the Author / Editor
  8. 8. The Salem Witchcraft Trials (1692) is part of the Famous Trials web project
  9. 9. Click on
  10. 10. Choose Website
  11. 11. Is your source a newspaper article, a speech or a letter, for instance? Choose it. If you’re not sure, just choose Web Page
  12. 12. Template for citing a Web Page on a Website
  13. 13. There’s also a drop-down menu with some specific source types. Use Web Page for any type not listed.
  14. 14. Provide the following 1 URL of the specific page you used 2 Date of webpage publication, if given 3 Your most recent date of access 4 Name of author of your primary source 5 Title of your primary source [with date in brackets, if given] 1 2 3 4 5
  15. 15. Provide this information about the website 6 Name of the website/web project 7 Publisher of the website/web project 6 7 Click submit
  16. 16. Your Bibliography with the new citation for a Primary Source found on a Web Site
  17. 17. To mark your source as a Primary Source Click on Add tag Choose Primary source
  18. 18. The source is now marked as a Primary Source
  19. 19. You can edit, copy or delete the citation
  20. 20. You can create and edit an annotation
  21. 21. Click on Footnote Format for the pop-up window showing the format for your first footnote and subsequent notes.
  22. 22. Footnote Format shows the format for your first footnote for your source and format for subsequent notes for that source.
  23. 23. Copy and Paste footnotes into your paper
  24. 24. Export your bibliography to Google Docs
  25. 25. Your NoodleTools bibliography In Google Docs
  26. 26. Questions? Ask us or go to Help You’ll find it in the drop-down menu Under My account
  27. 27. A great resource!