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NoodleTools Citing Primary Sources found in Books, eBooks, Jackdaws 2017


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How to cite primary sources found in books, ebooks, or jackdaws (portfolios of reproductions of documents)

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NoodleTools Citing Primary Sources found in Books, eBooks, Jackdaws 2017

  1. 1. The Taft School Library How to Cite a Primary Source Found in a Print or Electronic Book or a Jackdaw 10/2017
  2. 2. Tip: Whether you use a print or electronic source, look it up in RhinoCat. You’ll find Title and Author/Editor and Publication Information TIP: If there’s more than one city or publisher listed, use the first city and the first publisher.
  3. 3. Click on
  4. 4. Choose the option that best describes how you accessed your source Database = Source in a Taft subscription database Print or in hand = Book found on in the Library
  5. 5. For a print book or Jackdaw, choose Print or in-hand and Anthology/Collection An anthology is a collection of writings, such as poetry or short stories, usually by various authors. The NoodleTools template works well for primary sources found in books, ebooks, and Jackdaws.
  6. 6. For an ebook from a database such as Salem History, Choose Database and Anthology/Collection
  7. 7. Use the drop-down menu to chose your specific source type. Use Story, Essay, Poem, Longer Work for any type not listed.
  8. 8. You can change your template to Database if you picked Print by mistake.
  9. 9. The only difference between the Print and Database forms is that you must choose the name of the Database in which you found your document. X X X = leave blank
  10. 10. From here down, the forms are identical.
  11. 11. Identify the Author, Title and Date of your document
  12. 12. Fill in Author, Title of document and Year originally published in the area labeled Story, Essay, Poem, Longer Work.
  13. 13. Enter the page numbers of your document within the book/ebook in the Anthology / Collection section. NOTE: Each document in a Jackdaw has an Exhibit number, for example: Exhibit 2. Enter that number in the first Pages space, labelled “Start”. Enter Editors, Title and Publication information of the book/ebook containing your document
  14. 14. Click Submit
  15. 15. Your source list with the new citation for the document by Cotton Mather
  16. 16. To mark your source as a Primary Source Click on Add tag Choose Primary source
  17. 17. The source is now marked as a Primary Source
  18. 18. You can edit, copy or delete the citation
  19. 19. You can create and edit an annotation
  20. 20. Click on Footnote Format for the pop-up window showing the format for your first footnote and subsequent notes.
  21. 21. Footnote Format showing the format for your first footnote and subsequent notes.
  22. 22. Customize the example with the page number of your quotation or paraphrase and NoodleTools will autofill the footnotes above. Note: Page numbers aren’t always available in electronic sources.
  23. 23. If your footnote is for a document in a Jackdaw Put the Exhibit number in the page numbers space.
  24. 24. Copy and Paste footnotes into your paper
  25. 25. Export your bibliography to Google Docs
  26. 26. Your NoodleTools bibliography in Google Docs
  27. 27. Questions? Ask us or go to Help You’ll find it in the drop-down menu Under My account