NoodleTools Notecards 2012


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NoodleTools Notecards 2012

  1. 1. The Taft School Library Welcome to NoodleTools
  2. 2. We’ll look at the Salem Witch Trials project
  3. 3. There are currently 4 sources in the Bibliography and 3 notecards.
  4. 4. Open your bibliography from the toolbar above or from Components below
  5. 5. Your sources and notecards are linked
  6. 6. Click New to create a new notecard from the corresponding source
  7. 7. A new notecard automatically linked to the source
  8. 8. Direct Quotation = Author’s exact words or images Remember to include the page number(s) if given (they are not always available in an electronic source) If your source is a website, provide the URL. Tip: Copy-and-paste You’ll get quotes and attribution right!
  9. 9. Paraphrase = Summarize in your own words A paraphrase must be cited just like a direct quotation. Scroll down
  10. 10. My Ideas = What do you think? How does it fit in your research? Ask questions Evaluate ideas
  11. 11. You can use one, two, or all three spaces. For example, you may use Paraphrase and your own thoughts as well.
  12. 12. Example of a Direct Quotation card (don’t forget your page number, if available) You can highlight important phrases or ideas, and use other word processing features too.
  13. 13. Remember to SAVE your notecard!
  14. 14. Click Show to view your notecard within the context of your bibliography
  15. 15. A notecard with a Paraphrase and your own ideas too.
  16. 16. Edit, Print or Delete your notecard
  17. 17. Click here to view ALL your notecards on your virtual tabletop
  18. 18. Welcome to Your Virtual Tabletop Your new notecards are waiting here
  19. 19. Drag new notecards from dock to tabletop
  20. 20. Click here to create a new notecard
  21. 21. Open the drop-down menu and Select the source the notecard should be linked to, create the card and SAVE.
  22. 22. The Tabletop Navigation Box helps you keep track of all your notecards. You can move it around to locate your cards. Tip: If you can’t find notecards you know you created, look at your navigation box.
  23. 23. Questions? Please ask us… or click on Help See the Virtual Tabletop tutorial for more on organizing your notecards, how to use your tabletop and creating an Outline.