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How to Cite Print and Electronic Reference Sources Using NoodleTools


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How to Cite Print and Electronic Reference Sources Using NoodleTools

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How to Cite Print and Electronic Reference Sources Using NoodleTools

  1. 1. How to Cite a Print or Electronic Encyclopedia / Reference Source using NoodleTools The Taft School Library 11/2018
  2. 2. Click on
  3. 3. Choose the option that best describes how you accessed your source Database = Reference source in a Taft Online Subscription Database Print or in-hand = Book found on the shelves in the Reference Collection Website = an encyclopedia that you found through a search engine like Google
  4. 4. If your source is in a book found in the Reference Collection, choose Print or in-hand and Reference Source
  5. 5. Choose Database and Reference Source if your source was in a Taft subscription database such as Gale Virtual Reference Library
  6. 6. Here’s the template for an Article from a Reference Source that you found in a Database
  7. 7. If the database provides a permanent or stable link to the article, enter it into the URL field.
  8. 8. Here’s an article found in the Gale Virtual Reference Library
  9. 9. In the Gale Virtual Reference Library, Find the citation including the stable, permanent URL by clicking on Citation Tools
  10. 10. Choose Citation Format The general guidelines are MLA for English and Humanities APA for Sciences Chicago for History If in doubt, ask your teacher.
  11. 11. The stable URL for the article
  12. 12. You can export the citation directly to NoodleTools
  13. 13. All our GALE databases have the CITATION TOOL
  14. 14. Infobase eBooks database provides a permanent stable URL (choose Page under Direct URLs)
  15. 15. Citation information is not specific to the article AND it cannot be exported to NoodleTools, so you will create an original citation.
  16. 16. You will also create original citations for articles in the Salem Online database.
  17. 17. Just copy and paste each individual part (author, title of article, etc.)
  18. 18. Except for the URL does not link directly to the article
  19. 19. The permanent link is in the browser URL field. Because it is long and complex...
  20. 20. Select the name of the database from the pop-up list of Taft databases
  21. 21. You don’t need a Database accession number Leave it blank!
  22. 22. Information about the Article in the Reference source Use the information provided in the database or print reference source. If information is not there (such as Pages, Volume, Edition, etc) LEAVE BLANK
  23. 23. Information about the Reference Source Use the information provided in the database or print reference source. If information is not there (such as Volume, Edition, etc) LEAVE BLANK
  24. 24. NoodleTools will make Suggestions Look for the !
  25. 25. When citing a print reference source Usually all the information about the reference source is on the title page but Sometimes the year of publication is only on the back of the title page
  26. 26. You can also look it up in RhinoCat. It’s easy to find information you need for your citation.
  27. 27. Don’t check this box! If you do, the publication information of your source will NOT appear in your bibliography
  28. 28. Click Save If you are doing an annotated source list, Click Save & add annotation
  29. 29. New citation for an article from a Reference Source in a Database
  30. 30. You can edit, copy or delete the citation
  31. 31. You can create or edit an annotation
  32. 32. Click on Footnote Format for the pop-up window showing the format for your first footnote and subsequent notes.
  33. 33. Footnote Format showing the formats for your first footnote and subsequent footnotes.
  34. 34. Customize the example with the exact page number of your quotation or paraphrase and NoodleTools will autofill the footnotes above. Note: Page numbers aren’t always available in electronic sources.
  35. 35. Copy and Paste Footnotes into your paper
  36. 36. Alternatively, there are options to copy & paste a citation and to import the information about your source using the ISBN number (International Standard Book Number) We do NOT recommend doing this as editing is often necessary AND NoodleTools can’t format footnotes.
  37. 37. Export your bibliography to Google Docs
  38. 38. Questions? Ask us or go to Help You’ll find it in the drop-down menu Under My account