Presentation for the meeting in Romania


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Meeting in Romania

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Presentation for the meeting in Romania

  1. 1. I.I.S.S. “G. De Gemmis”Bitonto (BA) A.S. 2011/2012.. Comenius project ..
  2. 2. • Recycling;• Requalification of an old building;• Dissemination of the project activities inside and outside the school.
  3. 3. … we help the world to smile … HOW ??
  4. 4. Steps for recycling paper:• Cut the newspaper into small pieces;• Immerse them in a container with water and bleach;
  5. 5. • Leave to soak for a few days in order to whiten and soften it;• Press in such a way as to eliminate part of the water;
  6. 6. • Chop the mixture by means of a mixer;• Place the whole in a sieve and press it;
  7. 7. • Put the mixture into an oven so that all the water evaporates;• And heres our recycled paper;
  8. 8. The city of Bitonto is sponsoring the distributionof recycling biodegradable bags
  9. 9. We have proposed recycling inour school through the use of these bags and boxes
  10. 10. • We used cardboard boxes of eggs;• The underneath part has been cut in such a way that the individual egg compartments have been used to create the Easter chick;
  11. 11. • The two pieces thus obtained have been stuck together through the tape placed on one side of the box and after they have been covered with paper glue to make them more resistant;
  12. 12. • Everything has been colored with yellow paint;• We have added the orange pieces of cardboard under the “body” of the chick to make the legsandthe beak;
  13. 13. …REQUALIFICATION OF AN OLD BUILDING…In our city there areseveral abandonedbuildings, but the building thathas struck our interest isone near our school ... Andheres how it is!
  14. 14. This was the entry;This was a manger;
  15. 15. This was the kitchen; This was a closet;
  16. 16. This was the living room;This was the bathroom;
  17. 17. This was the barn; This was the garden;
  18. 18. This was the bedroom;This was the terrace;
  19. 19. This is the plan seen from above of the abandoned building taken into consideration:
  20. 20. And here it is how it could be restored becoming a wellness centre:
  21. 21. Water covers more than 70% ofthe Earths surface and is a veryimportant resource for peopleand environment, andthrough pollution their health isimpaired.
  22. 22. Plastic Apulian water works :The water treatment plant “ Sinni” is considered the mostimportant in our region, the treated water is that of theriver Monte Cotugno. The finished product is drinking waterfree of bacterial forms, but rich in minerals:calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Drinkingwater is then sent into the distribution network. The plant islocated near the Baker Farm in the rural city of Laterza (TA).
  23. 23. Sedimentation tanks :The gravity settling is a method of mechanical separation ofthe steps that make up an emulsion or a suspension that isbased on the process of spontaneous sedimentation. Itseffectiveness depends on the density of the suspendedparticles that must be greater than the liquid which acts asa solvent. Another parameter that influences decantation isthe size of the suspended particles, the smaller they are, lesseffective decantation is.
  24. 24. Tanks of treated water:These tanks are equipped with pipes that areconnected with all the water supply tanks to keepthem under constant control. These are alwaysworking but even so t water is never wastedbecause it is sent into the tanks.
  25. 25. Sludge dehydration:Dehydration is a treatment to which sludge, from the sludge lineof sewage treatment or potable water plants, is subjected toreduce the water content and makes the subsequent operationsof processing and disposal or incineration cheaper and easier.Dehydration can be performed either on a rough mud or on abuilding.After treatment, the sludge that is formed has a semi- solidconsistency. In the case where it is foreseen the incineration ofsludge, dehydration has the task of increasing the calorific value ofthe mud itself.
  26. 26. Water is a common property and it is limitedand as such it should not be wasted in vain ...We need to think about those who don’t havethis precious good …….. don’t waste it!
  27. 27. Respecting environment is important for all ... If we don’t respect it we do a damage to ourselves and our surroundings ...Water pollution, due to numerous factors, causes fish death …
  28. 28. Dissemination:To show people the project, we all havebeen carrying forward for two years and tomake them understand the importance ofthese projects that link differentcountries, we thought to makeposters,which show the individualexperiences and activities and exibit themat the municipality of Bitonto ...