Anemia pada kehamilan


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Anemia pada kehamilan

  2. 2. PREFACE Praises thanks presence of ALLAH SWT, which has always abundance Rahmat and Hidayah NYA so that we all in good health walafiat in implementing everyday activity. Compiler also climbs presence ALLAH SWT, because only with kerido'an of NYA Makalah with title " IMS" this can be finalized. Writer realizes is correct fully that unassisted from various party(sides, this handing out will not be realized and a long way off from perfection, therefore with all writer humilities hopes suggestion and criticism for the shake of further repairs. Finally writer hopes, hopefully this handing out can give benefit to which RAHA, September 2013 P e nitrogen u levator skapula i sulfur
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS preface cover page .............................................................i table of contents .............................................................ii chapter 1 antecedent ............................................................1 A. Background .............................................................1 B. Purpose .............................................................1 CHAPTER II PEMBAHASAN .............................................................2 CHAPTER III PENUTUP .............................................................8 A. Conclusion ..............................................................8 B. Suggestion ..............................................................8 BIBLIOGRAPHY
  4. 4. CHAPTER 1 ANTECEDENT 11 Backgrounds Health is a real expensive thing in price, but health in Indonesia its(the padakhusus health awareness would still failing is far with other importance. Health can be started through hygiene of either in x'self, and also area, because the health can obviate us from various disease types, like can protected from virus, bacterium, and mushroom residing in area around. 12 Purpose of As for purpose of which wish to be reached in writing of this handing out is find Sexual Contagion types and to can know way of its(the mengobatan 13 Problem Constrains As for problem constrain which will be studied that is : a. Explains understanding of Sexual Catching Infection b. Explains way of infection of Sexual Catching Infection c. Explains types Infeksi Menular Seksual and way of its(the therapy d. Explains Sexual Catching Infection symptom
  5. 5. CHAPTER 11 SOLUTION A. UNDERSTANDING of CATCHING INFECTION of SEXUAL ( IMS) IMS is abbreviation from Sexual Contagion, is meaning an infection or disease mostly is contagious through the relation of sexual ( oral air mechanism, anal or through?via vagina). IMS also interpreted as venereal disease, or contagious infection passed the relation of sexual. Must be paid attention that IMS groans around genitals but its(the symptom can emerge and groans eye, mouth, alimentary canal, liver, brain, and other body organ. B. Infection and Prevention IMS Infection of IMS can pass some way of inter alias : The Relation Of Sexual : The relation of sexual that is is safe not is main line of Infection Hypodermic needle usage, for example HIV and Hepatitis B Contact physical of during the relation of sexual, for example bodily injury at genitals like herpes and syphilis Pass blood and blood product, for example HIV,Sifilis and Hepatitis B can be contagious through blood transfusion Suckles, can catching of HIV to baby Medical action and keen object Contagious through pregnancy from mother to its(the baby like HIV and Sifilis Contagious when parturition, like GO and HIV
  6. 6. Behavior which berisiko is infected [by] IMS inter alia : Often flits couple
  7. 7. Have multiple sexual couple Have erratic sexual couple, sexual worker and or cutomer?client of sexual worker Have ever been hit IMS before all Sexual conversion with money Sexual conversion with other drugs or goods Menusuk/melukai skin for example tattoo other Alcohol and drugs C. Sexual Contagion Type and Way Of Its(the therapy 1. Gonorrhea This is sexual contagion which caused by bacterium. The bacterium is Neisseria gonorrhoeae which infection of layer in urethra, cervix uteri, rectal, red lane, and white part of eye ( konjungtiva). this Gonorrhea often in recognizing as matter urine, because of course penis will release matter is having colour is white turned yellow or white of greenness. Gonorrhea can disseminate through other body part blood stream, teutama skin and persendia. Its(the symptoms is hardly easy to in detection and in knowing especially for men. Its(the marking is felt pain perih when urinating, sometime when urine or after urine will felt pain in bone a few moments, then lost to again. Second characteristic is penis will release yellowish white dilution or kehijau-hijaun. If you finds two the symptoms at yourself may simply you has been infection this bacterium. At this rather symptom woman more difficultly in knowing, initial symptom usually arises within 7-21 days after infection. Patient often doesn't feel symptom for several week or month, and known to suffers from the only after couple the relation of its(the sexual is infected. If arises
  8. 8. symptom, usually haves the character of light. But some patients shows symptom that is weight, like pressure for to, pain in bone when to, its(the exit dilution from vagina, and fever. Infection can groan cervix uteri, womb, egg channel, ovary, urethra, and rectal and causes hip pain in bone which in when correlating sexual.
  9. 9. its(the Pengobata. This disease is including easy to be healed, as long as not overdue. So there are gelaja soon without bes awaiting stripper to go to skin specialist medical doctor and sex for in giving its(the drug. Doesn't once in a while buys drug x'self, because the drug must as according to medication order. If not there are specialist medical doctor, medical doctor also able, but more in suggesting direct to skin specialist medical doctor and sex. Medical doctor will give 3 drug type for in eating during one week. Then you must come again to investigate to the same medical doctor. 2. Syphilis or Syphilis Syphilis is a real dangerous sexual contagion, because bothering brain and function of other organ, because of Treponema pallidum, Its(the infection happened through?via the relation of indisposed sexual.. This bacterium admission kedalam body through membrane lender ( vagina or mouth) or through skin. In a few hours, bacterium would up to lymph gland closest, then disseminates keseluruh body through blood. Syphilis also infection of foetus can in contents and foetus can cause inviable. Symptoms. This disease symptom looks like symptom a number of other disease. Distinguished initially started chafedly which tida felt pain at penis or privy parts and grows in three phases, is earning berlangusung more than 30 years. Arising public symptoms: Emerges bump around sex sometime is accompanied is confused and bone pain like flu, which will lose x'self without cured. There is red pock at body around 6-12 weeks after correlating sexual.
  10. 10. during 2-3 first years, this disease doesn't show any symptom. But after 5-10 panyakit is groans formation of cranial nerve, vein, and heart. At woman of this disease earns is catching at baby which in containing. Therapy Antibiotic can stop bacterium activity cause of syphilis, but its(the penggunaa must
  11. 11. according to medication order. So, If you feels symptom to hence soon investigates x'self, hereinafter follows just of medical doctor guide. 3. Herpes This more knowledgeable disease with the title herpes genitalis ( herpes kelaim). This herpes cause is Herpes Virus Simplex ( HSV) and in contagious passed coitus, either vaginal, anal or oral air mechanism generating hurt or chafed at sex and about direct part of luka/bintil/kutil. Initial symptom usually is itching, ant and pain. Then will emerge small squeezing pock, what followed by a group of small lepuhan which pain in bone. this Lepuhan breaks and joins forming [circle;coil] hurt, and will form keropeng. Herpes arises between 3 to 10 days after relating to man who is having the disease. But between 5-10 days, this symptom will lose and reappears. this Gelaja arises depends on depends on its(the body endurance. Best therapy is soon visits you medical doctor and follows the scent it. 4. Klamidia. This condition has symptom alike gonorrhea, although can also shows off without symptom. In America, klamidia is including which most curable, but infection has around four million people every year. This disease can cause hard arthritis and barreness to man. Like syphilis and gonorrhea, its(the patient is remediable with antibiotika.Because of Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium. This infection usually chronic, because counted 70% woman initially doesn't feel any symptom so that don't investigate x'self. Symptom generated : dilution of Dilute vagina is having colour white of brass; Pain in bone in flank cavity; Haemorrhage after the relation of sexual. Komplikasi which possibly happened : Usually accompanies gonorrhea; Disease chafes flank; Barreness as result of juxtaposition at channel falopian; infection of Eye at newborn baby; Facilitates infection of infection HIV. Laboratory test done to detect is Elisa, Rapid Test and Giemsa
  12. 12. 5. SEX WART Because Of Human Papiloma Virus. Symptom generated : skin gibbosity like big wart is around [by] genitals ( like jengger chicken).
  13. 13. Komplikasi which possibly happened : wart can be big like tumor; can turn into womb canker; increases risk is infected [by] HIV-AIDS. Not necessarily detect laboratory because direct can be seen by naked eye. 6. Hepatitis B. This disease also many because of coitus that is is safe not. Hepatitis B can continue to liver cirhosis or liver cancer. Every year case reported reachs 200000, although this the only STD which is preventable passed vaccination. 7. HIV-AIDS Has become public secret, that one of infection of HIV one of them is through?via coitus that is is safe not. This very deadly and dangerous disease, because has not been found its(the drug is the existing finite. HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is conspecific of virus causing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This virus groans man phabocyte who is most important part in system body impenetrability. acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is gathering of symptoms as result of lowering of body impenetrability system. Someone who infection HIV in physical of is all the same to man that is is not is infection. Next to nothing symptom emerging in the early of infection [by] HIV. But when rounding into acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, hence people is slow will lose impenetrability of its(the body so that easy to come down with and body will weaken. Drugs of the the existing, be not able to promise a healing definitive. Test HIV ( ELISA twice) need to be accompanied counseling before and after test is done. Each and everyone ices is infected HIV-AIDS, either stripper and also young, poor or rich, heterosexual and also homosexual, famous and also not famous. Risk is infected HIV doesn't relate to whose we, but does we do.
  14. 14. CHAPTER III COVER?CONCLUSION A. Conclusion IMS usually contagious out of one to other people passed heterosexual relationship, homosexual or intimate contact passed genitalia, oral or rectumBeberapa sexual contagion studied in this handing out mencangkup Gonorhea, Syiphillis, Genital herpes and HIV /AIDS In handing out is explained [by] cause and marking or symptom and sexual contagion for example expenditure of dilution that is below par and ureter or cave senggama ( smells stinking, white which a lot) pain in bone taste or ill at the time of urine or when correlating sexual, chafed, small hurt accompanied with pembengkakan of preventive bening,dllAdapun rubber gland or penanggulangan of IMS depended from types IMS explained. B. Suggestion
  15. 15. Bibliography Majoer, Arif cs 2000. Kapita Selekta Kedokteran. Jakarta. Media Aesculapius. FKUI. Prayetni. 1996. Treatment Upbringing Ms. with Gangguan Sistem Reproduksi. Jakarta. Depkes RI Pusat Pendidikan Tenaga Kesehatan Family plans and Health of Reproduction With Vision Of Jender. 2003.Jakarta. Coordination Body of National KB.