Determining of test objectives (language Testing)


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Determining of test objectives (language Testing)

  1. 1. Test Objectives Meaning
  2. 2. Possible Course Objectives The course of study objectives The unit or lesson objectives The linguistic/cultural content of material in the unit being tested The level of ability which will be required in each integrated skills
  3. 3. General Linguistic Cultural Content INTERRELATIONSHIPS OF LINGUISTIC AND CULTURAL SUBSYSTEM Ability Subsystem Knowledge and Insight needed LISTENING PHONOLOGY (Sound System) Vowels, consonants, intonations, stress, rhythm, pauses SPEAKING GRAMMAR Morphology inflection derivation (Morphophonemic) Syntax (word order) READING LEXICON (Vocabulary) Content words Function or structure words Formulas (fixed expression) WRITING CULTURE Appropriateness of language to the situation Meaning of gestures Maintenance of distance Values, mores, taboos, habits, customs, etc. Art forms (e.g. oral and written literature , painting)
  4. 4. The modalities to be used The control-receptiveor productive to be measured The testing approach to be used discrete point or integrative Mastery each of integrated skill
  5. 5. A proficiency test Carol and Spolsky Integrative approach Lado Discrete-point testing Objectives Paulston and Rivers Testing communicative proficienci
  6. 6. Sound discrimination Linguistic interest Picture-sound association Grammar sensitivity Picture-word association Verbal knowledge
  7. 7. Special purpose course Step in determining objectives