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Citizen Tongues - ECSA2016 poster


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Poster presented at ECSA2016 citizen science conference. Enriching the spoken languages of Citizen Science, to improve accessibility throughout the world.

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Citizen Tongues - ECSA2016 poster

  1. 1. “Citizen Tongues” – enriching the spoken languages of Citizen Science Egle Marija Ramanauskaite seplute Citizen science language diversity is rather poor... - Projects set up in the English speaking world are usually limited to English or 1-2 other major languages - Projects' websites, tutorials, documentation is not understandable to non-English speaking audience - The majority of projects are overlooked or rejected by those who lack English skills - The popularization of citizen science throughout the world is stalled Translation & local outreach goes a long way Experience during CERN Public Computing Challenge 2015 (Citizen Cyberlab initiave) demonstrated that translation of introductory material and it's promotion in the native channels of each country can bring in a myriad of new linguistically diverse users. In the end, the volunteer computing challenge, which is otherwise dominated by users from UK, USA, Germany and France, was joined by users from India, Lithuania, Greece, Italy, Turkey, among others. Needless to say automatic translation tools (such as Google Translate plugin) are not adequate nor appealing to potential citizen scientists. The citizen science World. Screenshot from CERN Public Computing Challenge 2015, analytics page. Content uploaded in a universal format Content divided into microtasks Have ideas how to make this happen? Let's do it together! Citizen translators able to join, translate & learn Accesibility = inclusiveness Login Sign Up To deposit project content To recruit citizen translators To search for projects in your native language! One Go­To Platform Gamify!