Top elements for good web design and development


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Top elements for good web design and development

  1. 1. TOP ELEMENTS FOR GOOD WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT These key elements are significant because they are the things that make a website effective and popular on the internet. There are lots of factors that can make your website succeed, but it is how well you design your site, especially for your visitors and subscribers, that are critically important.
  2. 2. What are the top important Elements that a Website should have?
  3. 3. GREATVISUALDESIGN THE DESIGN The concept of the design will bring advantages to your site. ATTRACTIVE & UNIQUE Making it attractive and unique will make the site different from other sites. A simple, yet attractive site will do the job. DO NOT CREATE DIFFERENT GRAPHICS You don’t have to create different graphics and put them it in different places; too much design and graphic details are not necessary. Just make sure that each element is in its proper place. You don’t have to create different graphic details and put them in different places on the site. That might be too distracting from the content. Just be simple.
  4. 4. MEANINGFULCONTENT GREAT & MEANINGFUL CONTENT Great and meaningful content is necessary to boost your website’s popularity and inform visitors what services or products you offer. MAKE PEOPLE AWARE The content must make people aware, and make them interested in knowing more about you and your services. That’s another reason to focus on content, because this is what visitors will read. DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LONG Content doesn’t have to be long. Lengthy content will bore your readers, so make it short and straight to the point so your visitors will easily pick up the ideas you want them to know.
  5. 5. THOUGHTFULUSERINTERFACE GOOD WEB DESIGN Having a good web design includes thoughtful user interface; this is the foundation of any good website out there. This is how you make your visitors interested in your site, and create great interaction between your visitors and you. MAKE VISITORS INTERESTED Making the visitors interested is a great advantage. The chance of losing traffic decreases by giving visitors a thoughtful, user-friendly interface. It’s one of the best things you can create. Try to consider each and every person who will visit your site so that you know what to do in terms of your interface.
  6. 6. GOODABOUTPAGE ABOUT PAGES About pages are common on almost every site on the internet. It’s how you introduce yourself or your organization to the public and to the different people who visit your website PUT COMPLETE DETAILS Putting complete details about your company is great; however it’s good to limit confidential information about yourself. Include important facts about your company, but limit personal details about yourself.
  7. 7. CONTACTINFORMATIONS CONTACT INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT Most websites have this page. Contact information is very important because on this page, your visitors find out how they can contact you. Most contact information contains your email address and phone numbers. Most websites have email addresses as the most basic information they list. IGNORING YOUR CONTACT PAGE IS NEVER RECOMMENDED Ignoring your contact page is never recommended, because how can visitors and customers interact with you if you don’t have any contact information? Remember that your visitors are valuable! That’s why you need to give this top priority!
  8. 8. WEBOPTIMIZEDIMAGES IMAGES ARE IMPORTANT Images are an important part of your site because they help to minimize the dryness of your website. Images are significant and there are lots of benefits to using different images on your website. When using images, they must be optimized based on the different sizes that your website requires. TOO LARGE ARE NOT GOOD Images that are too large are not good. Make sure that each and every image you use, fits. Maintain proper balance between content and images.
  9. 9. SIGNUPORSUBSCRIBE This is an extra feature that enables visitors to stayed updated with you. Signups or subscribe buttons are significant, especially if your website is an e-commerce site or one that involves financial transactions. This is how your customers will keep in touch with your site and will be informed about your latest updates
  10. 10. ANALYTICSANDSTATISTICS CHECKING YOUR STATISTICS AND ANALYTICS IS RECOMMENDED As your website is uploaded on the internet, checking your statistics and analytics is recommended. Google has a tool “Google analytics” you can use. These tools are used to monitor your traffic from different people and places. Use these tools to find your targets and plan your marketing strategy. WEB DESIGNING ISN’T HARD Website designing isn’t hard. There is a long list of things to consider, just like a long list of grocery items; each and every item must be chosen wisely. Website design and development contains lots of elements to know and to learn. You must be able to understand these things so your website will succeed. Most of the dominating sites have done these things; that’s how they stay at the top. If you want your website to be one of the best, you must consider precision in your web design.
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