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Logo for small business


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Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Logo for small business

  1. 1. Logo for small business
  2. 2. A logo is very important for every business. It symbolize the personality or the brand of a logo. Even if you have a small business you also need to have a logo for the future. There are lots of business or companies nowadays that are famous wherein people can tell their brand name by just looking at their logo. Having a well designed logo can also attract people or customers. If you dont have enough budget to hire a logo designer, you can make your own logo for you business.
  3. 3. Here are some tips on How to create a LOGO for your small business
  4. 4. Sketch The first thing you need to do on making a logo is to sketch or draw your logo. Get a notebook or a clean paper and draw your desired logo. You can also do sketching in the computer. You need to draw a logo that is related in your products or services. In that way, customers or people can easily tell what type of product you sell or what kind of service you provide. Don’t make your sketch too big, you can be able to adjust it in the computer. Dont also make a logo that is too small, it will not look good if you resize it in the computer.
  5. 5. Use a marker After you sketch your logo, you need to use a black permanent marker and re-draw your logo. In that way you can see clearly the logo that you made. Make sure that you already finished sketching before you use a permanent marker to avoid redoing your logo. You need to re-draw your sketch carefully with the black marker. After you re-draw, you can use a pencil eraser to erase your sketch and to make your logo clean.
  6. 6. Color pencils You also need to use colored pencils if you need to color a certain area on your logo. Erasable color pencils are advisable. What if you accidentally use the wrong color on a certain area? And your colored pencils are not erasable. What you need to do is redraw your logo and start on coloring again. Dont push the colored pencil too hard when you are coloring, the tip might get broken and you will have problem on coloring.
  7. 7. Scan your logo When you are finished coloring your logo and everything is done, all you need to do is scan your logo. Put the logo in the scanner, you need to face it down if you have a flatbed. When you scan your logo, you can produce lots of copies and you can definitely make your logo look more attractive. It is not a good idea to produce a logo that are made out of marker and colored pencil. You need to send your logo in the computer to complete it.
  8. 8. Image editor After you scan your logo, you need to crop it and use and image editor. With the image editor, you can improve the appearance of your logo. You need to remove all the excess ink in your drawing. You can also adjust the color and size in the image editor. You can also make your logo look clean by using an image editor. There are lots of application in the computer that you can use in order to edit your logo.
  9. 9. If you dont have enough idea on how to make a good logo, you can ask a profesional graphic designer some tips. In that way, you can make your logo without thinking too much on what to do. It is not also a good idea to copy others logo, you need to make a unique logo. Make it original, if you copy the style of other company logo, people will easily tell it. Creating a well design logo is not easy, so you need to choose the right color, size and drawing for your logo.