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How to use social media to be your secret weapon to boost sales


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How to use social media to be your secret weapon to boost sales

  2. 2. Here are the easy tips on how to use social media to boost your sales:
  3. 3. MAKE DIFFERENT SOCIAL ACCOUNTS For you to start, you need to have different social accounts from Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and more. Register your business name and see to it that you filled all the required information. Make sure that whatever information you will put is valid and real. It is important that you fill different information like your e-mail and other contact information when you register so that if some people (probably the ones who want to buy your products or purchase your online marketing services) see them, they can easily approach you and talk about what they want from your products or services.
  4. 4. BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE/VISITORS Many are confused on how to build audiences and viewers. The simplest way to build your audience is to like different pages or groups and have a little interaction with them. Liking and commenting on their posts is also necessary because exposing yourself to many people can give you the advantages to be noticed and for your page to be liked. Like different pages based from your niche and have a little communication with them. The other way is by posting a meaningful content or images that people will appreciate. By doing this often, people will definitely notice you. If they got inspired on what you post or they got interested, chances are that they will share it to others. Many people will be able to see your posts this way.
  5. 5. POST DAILY CONTENT FOR BUSINESS GROWTH Post different contents from your business to different social networking sites. This will boost the traffics of the site and if people got interested, you will have the chance to have different loyal customers and your sales will grow. Be creative on what you post because people are tired to see the same ideas that are being posted and shared. Make sure that it is an eye-catching post so that people will click and share it.
  6. 6. MAKE USE OF IMAGES WHEN POSTING Using images when posting is also a good way to have a meaningful post. In social networking sites, people click first the ones that have images and graphics because they are attracted to it. Images make the post more interesting and they avoid dryness of the post. If your posts are purely text, people will not be interested to click and look at it. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Just use images or generate different images based from your ideas. Again, creativity matters to this thing. Make sure to bring it out.
  7. 7. INCREASE EXPOSURE USING SOCIAL BUTTONS Place different social buttons to your website. These buttons will make the people aware that you have different social networking accounts that will enable them to subscribe or follow you. Social buttons for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., is necessary. How can people follow you if you don’t have social buttons? Place the social buttons at the upper right or at the bottom of your website. Just make sure that these buttons are visible and easy to see.
  8. 8. MAKE IT EASY FOR CUSTOMERS As well as social sharing, buttons is a must for any online stores that want to take advantage of our innate social behaviour online. Make sure you include buttons of the popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) and that they are not hidden in your store’s theme. Many choose to go in the direction of choosing buttons that match their store’s theme, but this may limit the percentage of shares. Choosing colourful buttons that stand out can help improve the amount of shares that will help drive new traffic to your site.
  9. 9. CREATE INFOGRAHPICS Spend some time researching an interesting topic in your industry and find a whole bunch of points that you will cover in the infographics. An example of such infographics might be “How much money do Americans spend during Christmas compared to the rest of the world.” This infographics could be created by almost any online store and would be general enough that many blogs and news sites would link back to it, resulting in thousands of visitors to your blog. People used to appreciate a creative infographics based from your topic or niche. Make sure that this infographics is properly made and easy to read.
  10. 10. MAKE A PROMOTIONAL VIDEO Make your promotional video and upload it to your social networking sites or video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. There are lots of ideas for your promotional video but see to it that whatever animation or content it has should be generated from or is based from your ideas. Don’t copy others idea. All you have to do is to be creative in making it. You can also watch different promotional videos to have your idea before you create your own. You must also share it so that many people will see it. Clever ideas to your videos are also a good tactics to make your promotional video stand out from many businesses.
  11. 11. USE ADS If it doesn’t cost you that much, try to use ads from different social networking sites. It boosts the website’s traffics and increases the sales. Some business use ads from Facebook. This allows them to be known by people and allows potential customers to learn about their different products and services. Don’t think that ads are just a waste of money. Just remember that the business that uses ads (even though they pay the ad’s services) earns good results and sometimes this move doubles their sales.
  12. 12. COORDINATE ON US! If you have any suggestions or any additions to this presentation, feel free to contact us from our social accounts, or if you want you can follow us from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn. If you want you to let us know your opinion you can comment your opinions and ideas below. SEE THE LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION Thank you!