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  • Zuan Education is the academic and training wing of Zuan Technology that offers a wide range of web services such as web designing, web programming, graphic designing and SEO.
    Taking advantage the services offered by Zuan Technology, Zuan Education is committed to provide quality education with hands on experience at affordable fees. This is what makes Zuan Education stand apart from the rest.
    Zuan Education
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Seo training overview

  1. 1. SEO Training OverviewAn SEO Training Point presentation - 2012
  2. 2. About us Bangalore based SEO institute 12 yrs of industry experience 3 yrs of training experience Trained over hundred students
  3. 3. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)SEO is a combinationof activities andtechniques that aimsto improve thevisibility of a websitein organic searchresults (a.k.a. non-paid or natural searchresults) for aparticular set of keywords
  4. 4. Benefits of SEO Long lasting result Easy way to close your competition Increase sales Increase visibility 24/7 marketing team Cost-effective Brand visibility
  5. 5. Who needs SEO Enterprise Small and medium business NGOs Online portal Professionals
  6. 6. How it works Business Keyword Content Goal analysis creation Off page On page Maintain optimization optimization
  7. 7. Types and techniques of SEO Organic SEO  White Hat SEO Paid SEO  Black Hat SEO  Gray Hat SEO Types of SEO Techniques of SEO
  8. 8. SEO tools Free tool Paid tool Showing these logos just for the information purpose
  9. 9. Why SEO trainingYou will be able to know: All important strategies for SEO (SMB and Enterp.) How it works and fetches targeted visitors for your site Nearly 200 SEO techniques and tips How to create SEO compliant websites SEO RoI SEO under financial crisis How to setup a SEO company/ How to outsource All news update
  10. 10. Future of SEO
  11. 11. SEO course outline Part one: You will able to know the birth of SEO, purpose, and benefits Part two: Complete SEO process  On page and Off page Part three: guideline, techniques, case studies, terminology, SEO worksheet, SEO proposal, Q&A, ProjectBonus 1: How to start your SEO companyBonus 2: Start your SEO training instituteBonus 3: Learn how to make money from Internet
  12. 12. Who can join SEO Fresh graduate and non-graduate SEO professional Business owner House wife Retired person Content writers, web designer and proofreader Others who have interests in SEO
  13. 13. Why join usThe most important point: We know every individual is having different level of knowledge, experience and skill. Keeping this thing in mind, we have taken into consideration that we will never humiliate you; and we will never put you on the spot or make you embarrassed.Other points to consider us: 100% practical based training using tools We provide classroom, online and distance SEO training program 101 assistance 100% Job and interview assistance Flexible timings Stress free ambience
  14. 14. SEO career and salary SEO Career Salary SEO analyst  Fresher: 10K SEO manager  Exp (3 to 5): 15 - 20K Link building  Asst. manager: 25K executives  Manager: 40K On page specialist Source: Internet Off page specialist Note: Salary depends ORM professional upon your knowledge and experience
  15. 15. Need further information We will be glad to help you. Call us at 9880276697 OR Shoot a mail us at For biz: