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Seo course brochure

  1. 1. Welcome to SEO Training PointWe are a Bangalore based leading Search Engine Optimization training institution offering SEOtraining course made up of 40 hours. The initiator of this institution is having 15 years of experiencein Print and web Media, and Internet Marketing. Over the years, we have been extending our SEOtraining and support to hundreds of students. Now we are more improved and committed to providehigh quality training that helps achieve your professional and academic goal.Our core focus is to provide excellent training to our students so that they can be more competitivein job market.This training course will explain you how to optimize a website by using SEO. In this course, we havedivided into three parts; where you will get to know on page and off page optimization.Who can join? • Fresher graduate and non-graduate • SEO professional • Business owner • House wife • Retired person • Content writers • Others who have interests in SEOQualificationNo technical knowledge required. Basic internet knowledge is good enough to start.Course ContentPart oneWhat is marketing?What does customer expect from you?Traditional vs. Internet marketingwhat is Internet Marketing and its components?What is Website and its components?Understanding Static, Dynamic, and micro siteBenefits of websiteWhat is USP (Unique selling point?)What is web site conversion and how to increase it?What is SEO?SEO or BrandingPurpose of SEOBenefits of SEOSEO myth
  2. 2. SEO KPIWho uses SEO? • B2B (Enterprise) • B2C (SMB)Buyer persona and SEOSEO strategy for B2B and B2CHall of fameWho came first? Google or Yahoo?How does Google search and rank?Top five Search engines and their market share?Part twoUnderstanding search engine algorithmSearch engine indexSearch engine page rankUnderstanding Google and its productHow SEO works (Process)/ SEO life cycleBusiness goal Primary goal Primary/secondary audience Secondary goal Primary /secondary audience Other goalKeywords analysisSelf-analysis (SWOT)Competitive analysisGoogle alertsDesign and development (content) UGC (user generated content)Elements of websitesWebsite optimizeSubmissionWatch and analysisConversionSEO ROI calculatorSEO KPIMaintainRecommended SEO tools Google tools Free tools Paid toolsTypes of SEO Organic PPC Black Hat White Hat Grey Hat
  3. 3. Element of SEOOn pageDomain name (URL)TitleMetatagGoogle verification codeAlexa verification codeKeyword descriptionFilenameKey word and keyword densityH1, H2ODP (open directory project) descriptionALT textImage optimizationVideo optimizationCopyright informationNavigationSitemap (one for user and one for search engine)ContentNon-text elementsAnchor textRobots.txtMobile site (Google Mobile Optimizer)Google analyticsBacklinkLinkbait (adding special freebies and infographic) Inforgaphic Video Controversial topics White paper/battle card Survey Interview Free tools Awards Be first to discussNofollow302 and 301 RedirectsOff pageORM (Online Reputation Management)Rich snippets Reviews People profile Business listing Events Product info Features ISO/Accreditation Secure certificateDirectory SubmissionLink building/Link juiceSocial Book marking SubmissionBlog PostingBlog HostingArticle Submission
  4. 4. Press Release SubmissionForum PostingFooter LinksAffiliate MarketingBlog CommentingReview PostingRSS Feed Submission (Google reader)Google Atom FeedCSS SubmissionVideo SubmissionProfile CreationLink WheelSocial Media OptimizationYoutubeVisitors (I will send 100,000 visitors)Local classifiedFree classified sitesBannerViral marketingEmail marketingYahoo answerWiki answerGoogle barazaSell free eBookAuto responderSERP (Search Engine Result Page)W3 validationGoogle CaffeinePart threeWebmaster guidelineTop SEO techniquesSEO terminologyCase studiesSEO questions and answers for interviewSEO glossarySEO proposalSEO practiceSEO worksheetSEO checklistProjectTraining facilitiesClassroom trainingClassroom training is the most effective mode of training, since it is live and interactive. We highlyrecommend if anyone of you reside in Bangalore should join our classroom training. We take thisopportunity to say that students from Chennai and Hyderabad have joined our classroom training.You can join our one-to-one or/and group training program as well.You will get: Seasoned trainers who can provide significant knowledge Fast learning Customized learning approach for each individual
  5. 5. Complete study material Question and answer session SEO quizOnline courseOnline training course is equally effective as classroom training and the second most option forlearning. You will get all those facilities, but online. You just need to log in and rest we will take care.We will share study material in PDF and word. Added to this we will provide videos and otherrelevant stuff.Distance learningIf you are away from Bangalore or have inadequate facility to attend our online training program, gofor distance learning. As said before we will provide you complete study material (book and CD). Forall your doubts, you send mail to us or attend our question and answer session (gtalk and skype).After completion of SEO training program, you will get: Certificate Job and placement assistance News update Question and answer (even after you leave our institution)Course fee: 10,000 (ten thousands)Duration: 40 hoursFor more information, mail us info@seotrainingpoint.comAlternatively, call us at