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Social Media Marketing Training - The Brand Salon


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Gain knowledge of digital marketing courses from one of the top-notch digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai, The Brand Saloon. 100% assured placements.

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Social Media Marketing Training - The Brand Salon

  1. 1. Social Media Training
  2. 2. What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing (SMM) uses social media portals to positively influence consumers toward a website, company, brand, product, service, or a person. Typically, the end goal of social media marketing is a “conversion,” such as the purchase of a product, subscription to a newsletter, registration in an online community, or some other desirable consumer action.
  3. 3. Features Vital Element in Digital Marketing Use to increase Brand Awareness Increases site popularity Inexpensive medium of marketing
  4. 4. Popular Social Media Sites
  5. 5. Why Social Media Marketing is Different? • Emphasizes audience contribution • Two-way communication • Discussion approach • Trust building
  6. 6. Find your path through Social Media  Many people are “doing” social media marketing  Seek an efficient and effective path  Avoid random direction approaches  Apply a decisive strategy for success
  7. 7. Career opportunity in Social Media Marketing • Spending on social media is forecast to expand substantially • Demand for social media marketers is likely to increase in the near future • The majority of the jobs in social media are freelance rather than full-time • The first step toward landing a social media job is getting involved
  8. 8. Well Known Digital Media Training Institute Professional Trainers Integrated Training Job Assistance
  9. 9. Contact Us Address 201, 2nd Floor, Amar House, Near Sharda Cinema, Dadar East, Mumbai 400014, Maharashtra, India Call us : 022-2410 2331 / 3192 9248 +91 88 79 395550 E-mail Id: Website: