Seo steps for higher search engine rankings


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Seo steps for higher search engine rankings

  1. 1. Steps to Rank Higher on Search Engine Result Pages
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization Importance  6 times more effective than a banner Ad  Delivers qualified leads  80% of Internet user sessions begin at the search engines (Source:  55% of online purchases are made on sites found through search engine listings (Source:
  3. 3. Steps for Higher Search Engine Rankings 1) Get Your Site Fully Indexed  The better your PageRank, the deeper and more often your site will be crawled  Search Results include non-indexed pages (e.g. ones with no title or snippet)  Misconfigurations (in robots.txt, in the type of redirects used, etc.) can kill indexation  Keep your error pages out of the index by returning 404 status code  Keep duplicate pages out of the index by standardizing your URLs
  4. 4. Steps for Higher Search Engine Rankings 2) Get Your Pages Visible  100+ “signals” that influence ranking  Home page is the most important page of a site  Incorporate Keywords into Meta Tags, Headings (H1 & H2 tags), Alt tags and Hyperlink  Have text for navigation, not graphics
  5. 5. Steps for Higher Search Engine Rankings 3) Build Links and PageRank  “Link popularity” affects Search Engine Rankings  PageRank™ - Links from “important” sites have more impact on Google rankings  Google offers a window into your PageRank  PageRank meter in the Google Toolbar (  Google Directory ( category pages  3rd party tools like’s “PageRank Lookup” & “PageRank Search”  Scores range from 0-10 on a logarithmic scale
  6. 6. Steps for Higher Search Engine Rankings 4) Leverage Your PageRank  Homepage’s PageRank gets distributed to your deep pages by virtue of your hierarchical internal linking structure Ideal Internal Site Linking Hierarchies
  7. 7. Steps for Higher Search Engine Rankings 5) Track the Right Metrics  Indexation: # of pages indexed, % of site indexed, % of product inventory indexed, # of “fresh pages”  Link popularity: # of links, PageRank score (0 - 10)  Rankings: By Keyword, “filtered” (penalized) rankings  Keyword popularity: # of searches, competition, KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Indicator) scores  Cost/ROI: Sales by Keyword & by engine, cost per lead
  8. 8. Steps for Higher Search Engine Rankings 6) Avoid Worst Practices  Target relevant keywords  Don’t stuff keywords or replicate pages  Create useful content  Links should be relevant  Observe copyright/trademark law & Google’s guidelines
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