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Overview of Google Analytics - TBS


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Overview of Google Analytics - TBS

  1. 1. Overview of Google Analytics
  2. 2. Introduction to Google Analytics  The most widely used website statistics tool  Provides Stats & Reports about page traffic  At-a-glance dashboard view as well as detailed reports
  3. 3. Why is it Useful? Google Analytics provides with the following information:-  Daily, monthly & yearly tracking of website visits  Which pages people go to & how long they stay  Bounce rate  Main page or inner pages  Over 80 reports available
  4. 4. How it Works?  Sign up for Google Analytics at  Google then provides a ”page tag” or Google Analytics tracking code  Paste the code on all pages of website  This tag collects data and sends it back to Google Servers for processing
  5. 5. What Reports it Shows? Google Analytics is a powerful tool that Analyzes Website Traffic - Where visitors came from - Which pages they navigate - Time Spent on Pages Conversions - Downloads - Page Views - Registrations AdWords Performance
  6. 6. How it helps a Website?  Development & Optimization of landing pages - How relevant were they to the visitors  Navigation Issues  Optimization of AdWords Performance - How relevant were they to the visitors - Geographic Differences
  7. 7. Why Get Training into Google Analytics?  Better Career opportunity  Relevantly new field to make a career  Rising Demand for Google Analytics Professionals  Good Package
  8. 8. Google Analytics Training  Expert Trainers  Personalized Training  On-the-job Training  Job Assistance  Flexible Timings
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