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Onpage Structure SEO Audit Report Sample by


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Our Onpage Structure SEO Audit Report offers you the following data for each and every page you have audited by SEO Traffic.

Page Statistics - Google Page Rank and Popularity
Social Activity - All your social mentions on major platforms
Cache Dates in Major Search Engines - Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yandex.
Content and Structure Crawl Data - Too many to mention, see the sample for all data included.

This is report is very useful when requiring a quick overview of the SEO structure and data for a specific page. It can help you pinpoint major problems on specific web pages.

It's only one of the website SEO audit reports offered by us, visited out Slideshare profile page to view the others.

We offer free SEO audits for small business to help empower your business online. Get in touch with if this interests you.

Lets fix your website and optimize it for greatness!

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Onpage Structure SEO Audit Report Sample by

  1. 1. Page Structure Audit Report Report created: Apr 1, 2015 Webpage: Page Statistics Page Google PageRank No data Page Google Popularity 0 Social Activity Page bookmarks in Delicious 0 Page's views in StumbleUpon 0 Page Diigo bookmarks 0 Page's mentions on Twitter 0 Page's Google +1's 0 Page's popularity on Facebook 0 Page LinkedIn Shares 0 Page Pinterest Bookmarks 0 Cache Dates in Search Engines cached this page 3 day(s) ago (Mar 29, 2015) cached this page 12 day(s) ago (Mar 20, 2015) cached this page Not yet checked cached this page Not yet checked Content and Structure Crawl Statistics HTTP response status code 200 Successful Title tag is missing or empty No W3C HTML errors 20 Title length 51 W3C HTML warnings 6 Page has duplicate title tag No W3C CSS errors 1643 Meta description is missing No W3C CSS warnings 1239 Meta description length 148 Outgoing links 42 Page has duplicate meta description No Broken links 0 Page has duplicate rel="canonical" tag No URL length 66 chars Page has conflicting character encoding No Page size 76.0 KB Page uses frames Yes Page is restricted by robots.txt Allowed Page uses rel="canonical" Yes Page is restricted by X-Robots-Tag Allowed Page uses rel="alternate" No Page is blocked by noindex meta tag Allowed Page uses nofollow meta tag Allowed Page uses meta refresh redirect No Report created: Apr 1, 2015 by SEO Traffic Powered by Website SEO Audit Services 1