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Local Mobile for Business

  1. 1. When Results Matter…Think Big
  2. 2. • According to CultureLabel.com, about 30% of mobile phone users spend an average of about 27 minutes each day text messaging and telephone video chatting.• There is a massive growth of smartphone users, here are some statistics: • 5.9 billion out of 7 billion people (87%) worldwide already have mobile phones. • Smartphone ownership in the US is up to 38% of total cell phones. • Smartphone sales are up 63% in 2011 over 2010. • Interesting Note - That’s more than the number of people who own a toothbrush • Smartphone sales are up 63.1% from 2010. • 488.5 million devices were sold in 2011. • All are directly connected to high-speed internet
  3. 3. • Did you know that 1 in 7 searches are made with a mobile device?• Facebook mobile users have quadrupled in two years from 50 million in 2009 to 200 million in 2011.• Mobile commerce is expected to experience significant growth by 2015 – jumping 99-fold from $1 billion in sales in 2009 to more than $100 billion.• If you don’t believe it, try this – next time you go out around town or go out to eat, pay attention to how many people are on their phones texting, searching, mapping, browsing and yes, BUYING!• Just tune in from a marketing perspective and you’ll start to really see it.
  4. 4. • Consumers are having a love affair with their smartphones! • #1 thing we reach for in the morning and last thing we put down at night.• Smartphone ownership has jumped globally - increasing from 11% to 44% of the total population in Spain and 7% to 38% in the US.• 90% of smartphone users in France say they use their mobile devices to access the web every day.• This love affair with mobile devices is transforming how consumers connect and live their lives – and make buying decisions.
  5. 5. 1. More than 1 billion people will use mobile devices as their primary internet access point.2. There will be 10 days where >50% of trending search terms will be on mobile3. Mobile’s role in driving people into stores will be proven and it will blow us away4. “Mobile driven spend” will emerge as a big category5. Smartphones will prove exceptional at driving a new consumer behavior6. Tablets will take their place as the 4th screen7. New industry standards will make mobile display easy to run8. 5 new, mobile first companies will reach the Angry Birds level of success9. The ROI on mobile and tablet advertising will increase as a result of the unmatched relevance of proximity10. The intersection of mobile and social will spark a dramatic new form of engaging consumers11. 80% of the largest 2,000 websites globally will have an HTML5 site12. One million small businesses globally will build a mobile website
  6. 6. • How can your brand find success in the mobile space?• How can you maximize your relationship with your customers on mobile? Our Challenge to you: • Fall in love with mobile (because your customers already have) • Align your organization for mobile and local search success • Create a mobile website • Start to Map Out and Plan your company’s app
  7. 7. • Taking a look at mobile optimized sites when considering Ad quality for AdWords campaigns.• Google will look at how well your site is tailored for mobile devices.• Being able to connect to mobile optimized landing pages = better performance in Adwords! It can encourage more people to click on ads if it can ensure that the landing pages look good on mobile devices. Google at heart is all about ADVERTISING!
  8. 8. Over 300,000 apps havebeen developed in the last 3 years. These have been downloaded 10.9 billion times!
  9. 9. • Develop your company’s mobile site• Optimize your business for mobile search• Ensure brand reputation is managed for success