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Dental solutions from dentist dubai


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We are committed to keep up our dental science practices up to date with the fast technological advancements. Our services are modeled considering our each patient as an individual with physical, emotional and financial requirements. We design and develop every our treatment plan by listening and taking care of our patients with their utmost comfort. We educate and explain our patients each and every advantages & disadvantages, cost & time requirement for our treatment plans. We always help and encourage our patients to make right decisions for their dental needs.

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Dental solutions from dentist dubai

  1. 1. Dental SolutionsPorcelain veneers They are custom made restorations that are micromechanically bonded to a tooth surface. The tooth surface is usually lightly prepared to allow our specifically selected laboratory to construct a veneer to the individual needs of that tooth and the patient. The Veneer may be prescribed to incorporate specific colorations, dimensions and opacities to provide a well aligned, proportioned, natural, aesthetic smile free from the stains, crookedness and gaps that a smile may have once had.Crown and Bridge Crowns are an ideal way of rebuilding a tooth that have been broken or weakened by the presence of a large filling or decay. Crowns fit over a specifically prepared tooth to provide the contour, appearance, alignment and strength required. Crowns can be made from a number of different materials, the decision to use any of which is dependent on the patient’s wishes and the clinical need for that particular restorations. All of the available options will be discussed with you by your treating clinician to allow you to select the one that best suits you. & Bridge Porcelain crowns we use are the most natural to ensure the permanent results. With the new restoration of The Dental House treatment your teeth will appear much more natural resembling your original teeth and will not produce the black gum line which is very common with porcelain-metal crowns. The Dental House offers natural-looking alternative all ceramic, non- metal crowns. Contact us for the best results of dental treatment.
  2. 2. RCT Many of our patients choose tooth-colored composite fillings for the filling of a new cavity. In The Dental House it is now possible to remove the silver fillings which doesn’t look good and replace them with the tooth-colored composite fillings enhancing your cosmetic appearance. Our patients also replace their amalgam fillings with the composite fillings. Contact The Dental House to make your smile stand out.TMJ disorders TMJ disorder technically means ‘temporomandibular joint disorder’. Most of the patients suffering from TMJ don’t know the disease is treatable. TMJs are small joints infront of each ear that attach the lower jaw to the skull. Such small joints functions to open and close your mouth, swallowing, talking and chewing. TMJs causes pain in the muscles limiting your ability to move your mouth normally. TMJs are treated with neuromuscular dentistry in The Dental House. TMJ treatment starts with diagnosing your neuromuscular jaw position and will be made before a final restorative/orthodontic phase. These are done with perfect precision in The Dental house to prevent muscular imbalances which leads to an instable teeth, posture and bone. Symptoms of TMJ/TMJD mostly arises from the imbalances of facial muscles, teeth and the joints.Symptoms of TMJ are: Teeth clench Loose teeth Ear congestion Facial pain Headaches Neck/Shoulder aches Sensitive and sore teeth Forward head posturing Clicking/popping in the joints Limited opening of the mouth Tingling in the fingertips Jaw pain We are able to diagnose effectively if you are suffering from any of the above symptoms. Oral Prophylaxis Dental inlays treats the decayed tooth which lies within their surfaces. Usually inlay placement is done by two sittings. They are also done to replace the damaged old metal fillings. The Dental House will diagnose your teeth and will take an impression of your teeth if needed during your first sitting. A temporary inlay will be placed over your teeth. The impression of your tooth will be send to our dental lab from where the inlay is created matching your tooth’s specifications. In your second sitting, the temporary inlay is removed and the permanent one will be placed over it. You can resume your activities or work as soon as your treatment process is finished. Dental inlays are more enduring & natural-looking than metal fillings as they are made fromdurable tooth-colored porcelain. Their nature also allows securely bonded tooth which helps to prevent it from forming cavities and having a structural and aesthetic integrity.