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Dizajn Kataloga FYM Marketing WEB SEO optimizacija sajta


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Dizajn Kataloga FYM Marketing WEB SEO optimizacija sajta create

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Dizajn Kataloga FYM Marketing WEB SEO optimizacija sajta

  2. 2. Everyone needs marketing services. In today's highly competitive environment it is not sufficient to have a quality product or to provide a quality service, you need to create unique identity that makes your brand visible. YES, WE ARE LET US DO IT FOR YOU OPEN FROM: Business Idea LET US BE YOUR MEANS OF SUCCESS ket Shoping List Anual Supermar TO: Absolute Sucess FREE YOUR MIND MARKETING is Chicago based company that is specialized in business marketing. Our highly skilled professionals are committed to help you develop and market your business. We are dedicated to serve clients nationwide, and provide superior technical and creative design service that supports your marketing campaign. Our field of expertise includes: Strategic Planning, Brand Positioning, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Photography, Video Production and Even Planning.
  3. 3. STRATEGIC PLANNING CHOCOLATE Keep in a business place. Best consumed on a sunny day at temperature of 28.9°C 28. 90 WELCOME TO FREE YOUR MIND YOUR MARKETING SUPERMARKET Let me introduce you to few most important marketing products that will upgrade your business, and give you a position of market When making a custom plan that meets your marketing needs, we do a comprehensive ENJOY STRATEGIC PLANNING leader. Are you ready for revolution? Enter and tactical research on all variables CHOCOLATE AVAILABLE IN into Free Your Mind Marketing Supermarket involved, and come up with an integrated solution. We start from your target market 4 DIFFERENT FLAVOURS: and move your business a step ahead... and combine it with the analysis of internal and external environment, and before we MARKET RESEARCH TARGET MARKET EVALUATION Are you ready? execute any decisions we do take another look at it. In this process, professionals at FYM are fully committed to your project and DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS driven to fullfill the promises they give to you. MARKETING STRATEGY
  4. 4. BRAND POSITIONING JUICE FEW SAMPLES OF SOME FRESHLY SQEEZED LOGOS If you want your brand to be unique and noticeable, FREE YOUR MIND you need to have a genu- MARKETING FREE YOUR MIND MARKETING ine customized marketing formula that brings you the right exposure that produces leads. We can TIGERFANT BRANDING create the solution that will properly develop your logo identity and increase your brand awareness that puts you on the core DOT Carpe Vita Wedding dresses forefront. We are doing 16. 90 this by ideas conducting throrough research to determine the best strat- egy to increase your brand MCSGROUP M A N AG E M E N T - C O N S U LT I N G - S U PERVISION Served in a coctail glass, it is producing minimum of 16,9 fresh branding ideas every moment recognition.
  5. 5. WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT CHRUNCHY SNACKS Having online presence is a necessity today. You need to keep up with changes, because change is the only constant. Your website is to be distinctive, offer useful information and easy navigation that engages readers. Rely on our web-developers experts and their ability to create an innovative and professional website that brings business right to your door. 7. 00 7 of 10 web sites developed by interactive division team of Free Your Mind Marketing were awarded with Golden web excellence awards 2010. By establishing online pressence WEBSITE PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT INTERFACE DESIGN web site owners increased their FLASH DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT INTERNET MARKETING ROI from 12.2 to 67.3 percent. SEO - SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION WEB SITE HOSTING
  6. 6. SEARCH 2. 80 ENGINE OPTIMIZATION MULTIVITAMIN To establish your Internet presence, you createa website for you business, but you soon realize that this is not enough to gain the exposure you sought for.Going online is not onetime action, it requires constant maintenance, supervision and upgrading in order to put emphasize on business.This is what Search Engine Optimization serves for. SEO helps you promote your web- site by putting it on the front page of various search engines (refer to the picture bellow). FYM web experts can position your website on Google, Bing or Yahoo and make the most out of your Web marketing. If you understand the significance of SEO as a part of your online marketing activities, you are undoubtedly going to increase visits to your website. How SEO works? The search engine, like Google, ranks websites based on its visits, the importance of its content and links on it. Given that information, Google acts as a robot that uses logarithms and ranks web- sites accordingly. Therefore, FMY’s SEO experts know the search engines form top do the bottom 2.80 bilions of results is the average number and constantly follow the trends and changes in the online environment. Even if you have the best that Google search engine finds on your demand for searching a specific word. banner or add on Google, but it is not highly positioned in search results, it is like it does not exist. What place is your web site listed? The top placement on the search engines is like having a store on the main downtown street.
  7. 7. PRINT DESIGN, PREPRESS AND PRINTING 6.90 percent of product value 6. 90 VAFFERS Having one point of contact for prepress, design and printing services saves you time and money, and induces a well rounded and sensible product. Creativity and effectiveness of your marketing is an average company comes into play here, and the amount of main goal is to maximize the responses marketing budget of your customers. You know that you USA companies achieved your goal if your customers get invested in print attracted by your outstanding brochure / catalog / business card / flyer and sub- advertizing in sequently undertake an action. Capital- year 2010. After ize on our unified service that helps you television, print reach as highest ROI as possible. holds second place CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT in all world media DESIGN AND LAYOUT budget pulls. ILLUSTRATION PRINT PRODUCTION
  8. 8. PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO PRODUCTION INTENSE SPICE 9. 99 With good and carefully chosen visuals you can enforce your marketing efforts, and make a memo- rable mark amongst your customers. Your goal is to attract customers' attention by picture, while intriguing them to know more and stimulating an immediate action. We praise ourselves for high creativity and imagination of our team, and our aesthetic photography says a story. Please look at our various 'stories' under reference page on our website. The most realistic way to communicate your message to customers is through a video. They make each detail clearly visible and can have promotional, educational and entertaining benefits. Free Your 9.99 is a king! Mind and let us convert your thoughts and ideas into a pure perfection that attracts anyone's attention. Breaking psychological barierr of pricing the product lower than 10 bucks, will shurely get into anals of advertising history as the most used price in television commercials ever.
  9. 9. 1750 west north avenue Chicago, illinois 60622 Cell. 773-220-9892 Tel. 773-3322-FYM