Go Lite and High 5!


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The cellphone trade in will give you more money you can save for the iPhone Lite and iPhone 5. Get a cellphone trade in and upgrade without spending too much!

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Go Lite and High 5!

  1. 1. Go Lite and High 5!<br />Get a Cellphone trade in for these Apple Goodies!<br />Could there be a possible iPhone Lite and an iPhone 5 all at the same time?<br />What’s Cooking, Apple?<br />The company was allegedly planning a double release of their two new iPhones either this fourth quarter of the year.<br />Some say that the iPhone Lite is somewhere in between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5 and it will bear a more considerable and bearable price tag for future buyers.<br />Meanwhile, the iPhone 5, as a lot of rumors would say, will be the one having all the new and improved features and applications Apple was able to pull out after more than 12 months of design planning and research.<br />Sources in-the-know would tell that Apple had this coming because of the overwhelming effects of recession not just in the United States but also in a global scale. They say that the iPhone Lite or the iPhone 4S will probably have a smaller size and inexpensiverighttop hardware components and parts. It was also mentioned that Apple would like to change their marketing strategies and try to connect to a bigger market and wider customer base.<br />Looking Beyond<br />If this rumor turns to fact come September and the succeeding months, Apple might just get a bigger bonus on their part. Knowing that customers first look at the price tag before buying it, they might just hit what the masses would really want for a mobile phone.<br />As the iPhone has been a status symbol among users, the advent of the iPhone Lite will destroy the barrier of having only the rich and the famous can have. The exclusivity will still be there considering that there will be lesser individuals that can afford the iPhone 5.<br />righttopTechnical specs and the lavish design will only come second once the actual price can meet the amount of money they have in their wallets.<br />The Winning Strategy<br />This move that Apple is planning might just be the winning and the best strategy that they can ever do to dominate not just the mobile jungle but also the whole customer base of the entire mobile industry. This will be an overwhelming leap from getting 25% of the market to up to 100%.<br />This will help Apple reach out to developing countries and will also give them the benefit of more sales, stronger brand recognition and more stable position on top of the game.<br />How to get these phones<br />So to get these phones once they became available on the market, many sites recommend the purchasing public to get a cellphone trade in program so they can use the money to offset iPhone Lite of iPhone 5 purchases.<br />The Cellphone Trade in<br />The cellphone trade in is fairly easy. Get your computer and connect to the internet. Search for refurbishing sites that can provide you a cellphone trade in service. Sites like cashforsmartphones.com can be a good example of such refurbishment sites.<br />Now that you have found a site, you should first read on their terms and conditions. Knowing the processes and disclaimers of a cellphone trade in will secure your chances of selling your cellphone successfully.<br />Once you’re done reading, you should check your phone by providing its brand model and checking if there are problems with the hardware or software before getting a cellphone trade in. Assess your device by writing down all possible problems and some history of accidents it got involved in, if there is any.<br />After doing all these things, you should create a backup of your personal data which will include photos, contact list, and user-generated files. This thing should be done before getting the cellphone trade in.<br />Now, you can freely delete all information about yourself prior to the cellphone trade in. Also, when you ought to get a cellphone trade in, you should make sure that your device is unlocked from your carrier. Get your SIM card and copy the IMEI serial number of your phone. Use this to unlock your phone by turning it on and keying in the code.<br /> All done? Now, you can proceed to the online process of the cellphone trade in.<br />Get your quote<br />Specify cellphone model<br />Identify condition<br />Give contact information<br />Ship the item<br />Get paid through PayPal or mailed check<br />The cellphone trade in will give you more money you can save for the iPhone Lite and iPhone 5. Get a cellphone trade in and upgrade without spending too much!<br />