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Knowing Which Search Engine Optimization Service to Avoid


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SEO is a very profitable business for many companies. The problem with many SEO companies is that they are cagey about their practices. These companies use unethical means to gain rankings for your website, which hurts your reputation in the long term.

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Knowing Which Search Engine Optimization Service to Avoid

  1. 1.  a E S S re –O  December 17, 2013 eSimgeh ce atESi ir znch v tOhK n p rc o ie a nW i n w o g SEO is a very profit able business for many companies. The problem wit h many SEO companies is t hat t hey are cagey about t heir pract ices. These companies use unet hical means t o gain rankings for your websit e, which hurt s your reput at ion in t he long t erm. Here are a few point ers t o t ell good SEO services in M elbourne from t he bad ones. Guarant eed result s A company may t ell you t hat it will guarant ee a #1 ranking on Google’s
  2. 2. search result s. However, t here is no way t hat a company can guarant ee such a result . That is because: • Google keeps updat ing it s search engine algorit hms and rankings change periodically • Google det ect s sit es t hat use shady pract ices and come t o t he first page or SEO result s and downgrades t hem for mont hs • Google does not share t he process by which it ranks websit es for it s search result s Therefore, if you find a company t hat promises t o bring you t o t he #1 ranking, it is eit her lying t o you or it will use unet hical means such as keyword st uffing and excessive link building t o bring your web pages t o t he first page. Result s in 2 weeks M any search engine opt imizat ion service will also t ell you t hat you will be able t o see your websit e on t he first page of search engine result s wit hin 2 weeks. Again, whenever a websit e gains rankings so fast , it is likely t he result of gaming t he search engine and not because it is properly opt imized. Even if you do reach such rankings in t wo weeks, rest assured t hat Google or any ot her search engine would downgrade your websit e wit hin t wo days. As a result , your websit e will soon be buried deep in t he search result s and your incoming t raffic and revenue will t ake a nosedive. SEO is not somet hing you do once and leave alone. It is a very met hodical and gradual process. To genuinely make it t o t he t op 10 result s in Google and Yahoo, your websit e needs solid cont ent and et hical opt imizat ion over a period of several mont hs. Do not fall int o t he t rap of agencies t hat promise you quick and guarant eed result s, but choose good SEO services in M elbourne wit h a credible reput at ion.
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