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SEO Ripoff Report - SEO Services New York


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With many shady SEO practice available, it can be hard finding the right company to handle your Search Engine Optimization needs.

In this exclusive report, you'll find out some of the top practices by the worlds shadiest SEO companies.

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SEO Ripoff Report - SEO Services New York

  1. 1.         Presents     SEO Ripoff Report:   How  To  Find  Out  If  Your  Paying  For  The   Wrong  Expert   Learn  The  Shady  Practices  Of    The  Top  SEO   Companies         Jason  Berkowitz  
  2. 2.       First,  I  would  like  to  congratulate  you  on  taking  the   next   step   with   your   business.   You   won’t   even   believe   the  results  that  will  come  from  proper  SEO.     In  this  report,  you’ll  be  given  5  tips  in  which  you  could   help   you   decide   when   choosing   the   right   Internet   Marketer.         With  thousands  of  marketers  in  the  country,  finding  one   that   lives   off   integrity   can   be   a   challenging   task.   After   reading   this   report,   you   will   have   a   better   understanding   of   hiring   an   SEO   expert   for   your   business.     Once   you   are   done   with   this   report,   contact   me   at   to   learn   about   more   about  how  I  can  help  you.     I  look  forward  to  seeing  you  on  the  inside.   Jason   SEO  Services  New  York       Achieve  Top  Rankings  -­‐  
  3. 3. Tip  #1  –  “I  Can  Guarantee  You   Results”     The  reason  I  am  putting  this  one  first  is  because  it  is   probably  the  most  important.       I  have  seen  hundreds,  yes  hundreds  of  SEO  “experts”   claim  that  they  can  guarantee  you  results  within  a   desired  timeframe.  I  have  seen  some  claim  to  have  you   ranking  in  page  one  within  1  month.       They  may  go  even  further  to  say  that  they  have  an  “in”   with  Google  and  any  website  they  put  onto  a  list  can   automatically,  no  questions  asked,  become  ranked  #1.     Here  is  some  things  to  keep  in  mind.     NOONE  HAS  AN  IN  WITH  GOOGLE!!!  Google’s  main   purpose  is  to  enhance  the  user  experience  by  providing   organic,  relevant  results.  The  search  engine  is  so   advanced  with  technical  algorithms  to  ensure  tha  the   top  results  are  placed.     Since  the  results  are  solely  based  off  what  the  algorithm   thinks  is  the  most  relevant,  there  is  no  way  to  guarantee   results.     I  can  almost  assure  you,  that  if  you  purchase  SEO  from  a   person  who  says  these,  you  are  getting  ripped  off!   Achieve  Top  Rankings  -­‐  
  4. 4. Tip  #2  –  Too  Cheap  or  Too   Expensive     Beware  of  getting  services  from  sites  like  Elance,  Odesk   &  FreeLancer.  Many  SEO  companies  that  post  their   services  on  these  sites  are  relatively  cheap.  You  can   assume  that  if  you  are  quoted  at  a  low  price,  the  quality   of  the  work  will  be  low.     The  same  goes  for  ridiculously  over  price  SEO.  A   company  that  is  charging  a  substantial  amount  of  fees   should  not  be  looking  for  work  on  these  freelance   websites.    If  someone’s  price  does  not  fall  in  line  with   other  SEO  companies,  this  should  ring  some  alarms.     If a SEO company wants to charge you $200 per month to do their natural SEO, how much time could they actually be spending? Are they just? To do natural SEO right, analysis needs to be done on a regular basis and original content must be continually developed. This is not possible within just a few hours every month. Conversely, there are SEO Companies that way overcharge. I have heard some big $$ numbers for monthly SEO. If you are a big company with a big site, you may need to pay a fair amount for SEO. Just make sure you know what is actually being done each month and that the tactics are all white hat. Achieve  Top  Rankings  -­‐  
  5. 5.   Tip  #3  –  Massive  Search  Engine   Submissions   "We  will  submit  your  site  to  1,000  search  engines!"  You   see  it  in  almost  every  SEO  claim.  Big  deal.  This  is   something  that  is  simply  not  worth  paying  for.  Your  site   will  not  be  relevant  to  the  "1,000"  micro-­‐market  search   engines  that  few  people  use  anyhow.   The  truth  is,  a  well-­‐done  site  does  not  even  need  to  be   submitted  to  the  major  search  engines.     In  fact,  Google,  Yahoo,  MSN,  advise  that  frequent  or  over   submitting  to  search  engines  will  hurt  you.  And,   submitting  your  site  does  not  speed  up  the  process  or   guarantee  it  will  be  picked  up.     Think  of  site  submission  as  sending  a  post-­‐it  note  to   Google  to  stick  on  their  wall  of  millions  of  "to  visit"   websites.   Besides,  there  are  so  many  free  services  online  to  one-­‐ click  submit  to  multiple  search  engines  you  can  do  it   yourself  for  free  in  a  matter  of  seconds.  (But  I   recommend  against  this!)           Achieve  Top  Rankings  -­‐  
  6. 6. Tip  #4  –  Lack  Of  Communication     This  is  one  that  really  ticks  me  off.       The  day  before  writing  this  report,  I  spoke  with  a   cleaning  contractor  who  told  me  that  a  previous  SEO   company  charged  them  thousands  of  dollars  per  month,   practiced  bad  SEO  tactics,  and  then  disappeared.       This  happens  way  too  often  and  I  wish  I  had  the  power   to  put  an  end  to  it.     If  you  can’t  get  in-­‐touch  with  your  SEO  expert,  you  have   a  serious  problem.       This  is  more  common  among  huge  SEO  companies,  that   have  over  100  employees.  To  them,  you  are  just  a   number  in  their  computer  system.  I  know  this  because  I   was  paying  these  guys  at  one  point.     This  means  that  you  are  not  priority!     It  is  usually  when  you  threaten  to  cancel  services  that   they  reappear,  blame  the  lack  of  communication  on  a   technical  difficulty  and  request  an  instant  meeting.     Even  if  you  fall  off  their  client  list,  it  won’t  be  a  big  deal   to  them  because  they  charge  so  little  that  they  will  have   another  unsuspecting  customer  in  no  time.   Achieve  Top  Rankings  -­‐  
  7. 7. Tip  #5  –  Long  Term  Contract     Long-­‐term  SEO  contracts  should  make  you  turn  and   RUN.    SEO  results  CANNOT  be  guaranteed  (see  tip#1).         SEO  takes  time,  but  if  you’re  not  seeing  results  after  3   months,  you  should  be  able  to  stop  paying  for  a  service   that  is  not  producing  ROI.         I  talk  to  companies  all  the  time  that  are  in  one-­‐year   contracts  that  they  can’t  get  out  of  and  they  hate  their   SEO  Company.         No  results,  no  returned  call,  no  evidence  of  any  actual   work  being  completed,  but  you  can’t  cancel  the  service.       Good  SEO  companies  will  go  month  to  month  giving  you   the  ability  to  cancel  at  any  time.    They  know  they  are  on   the  hook  to  provide  results  or  their  contract  will  be   canceled.                       Achieve  Top  Rankings  -­‐  
  8. 8. More  Quick  Tips     I  initially  only  planned  to  do  5  tips  but  while  writing   this,  the  ideas  were  flowing.  Below  you  will  find  some   more  quick  tips  to  help  you  figure  out  if  You  are  being   ripped  off.     #6  -­‐  SEO  Company  has  Proprietary  (Secret)  Tactics   and  Techniques  They  Won’t  Share.  If  they  can’t   properly  explain  what  they  are  doing  for  you,  it  is  most   likely  that  they  are  using  black  hat  methods  that  will   only  lead  to  penalization.     #7  -­‐  SEO  Company  ONLY  uses  their  Custom  Analytics   Reports.  Many  SEO  companies  provide  their  own   analytics  tracking  software.  You  should  bewre  of  this   because  there  are  many  time  where  the  figures  can  be   manipulated  to  show  a  traffic  increase.     #8  -­‐  SEO  Company  has  High  Pressure  Tactics  and   Threaten  You.  Surprisingly,  this  actually  happens.  If   you  want  to  cancel  services,  many  companies  will   actually  threaten  you,  saying  that  your  website  will   suffer  if  you  decide  to  cancel  services.     #9  -­‐  SEO  Company  will  NOT  Let  You  Talk  to  the   Actual  SEO  Specialist.  Do  you  talk  to  the  salesmen,   secretary  or  the  SEO  guy?  I  know  that  if  I  wanted  work   Achieve  Top  Rankings  -­‐  
  9. 9. done  on  one  of  my  sites,  I  would  like  it  to  talk  to  the   person  who  is  doing  the  work.     #10  -­‐  SEO  Company  Limits  the  Number  of  Keywords   You  Can  Target.  Why  have  a  limit  to  the  number  of   keywords.  If  I  could  get  you  ranking  for  100  keywords   in  the  first  month,  that’ll  be  amazing.  And  I  sure  as  hell   wont  charge  you  an  extra  fee.  Just  an  amazing   testimonial!  J     Achieve  Top  Rankings  -­‐