Houseboats journey in kerala elates the visitors heart


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Houseboats journey in kerala elates the visitors heart

  1. 1. www.houseboat-kerala.orgKeywords: Houseboats Kerala, Alleppey Houseboats, Kerala Houseboat packages,Kumarakom Houseboats Houseboats Journey in Kerala Elates the Visitors HeartKerala is a beautiful state which is nestled in green verdant hills of Western Ghats and theArabian Sea. This beautiful state in India is situated on the shore of the Arabian Sea and istruly visitor’s paradise in the South India. This state in India will offer you super blend ofancient culture and modern aspects of life. This place in India is dotted with many beautifulnatural and man made attractions which makes the visitors go gaga about it. The picturesquescenery and the wonderful green vista truly attracts from every nook and corner of the world.This beautiful state in India is lovingly called as the ‘Gods Own Country’ and is truly the mostsought after tourist destinations in this country called India.Kerala the wonderful state is very renowned for its backwaters and the sails on houseboat.The houseboats in this state and the journey on it truly make the tourist go gaga as theycruise on it or have a glance as swiftly cruising on the scintillating backwaters.Kerala is synonyms to houseboats and backwaters. There are many backwaters destinations inthis state and truly the beauty of the backwaters is enhanced by the well organizedhouseboats.houseboats kerala and its cruise are very renowned among the different ages of touristswho teem to this state throughout the year. The moderate climatic conditions and hospitablelocale and the lovely Kerala cuisines attract the tourist from every nook and corner of theworld in thousands, hundreds and several.The visitors mostly visit to Kumarakom the scenic wonderland in Kerala which is situated onVembanad Lake. This popular tourist destination in Kerala is located near the city of Kottayam.As one visits this town in Kerala, he never misses the opportunity of amazing cruise on theKumarakom houseboats which swiftly moves over the pristine backwater which offers a feastto the eyes as one watches it. The glimpse of houseboat cruising on the backwater looks likean angel during the dusk. The lush rice fields, natural green vegetations, ancient villages andtemples, the villagers dancing, their rich culture and more can be seen as you enroll yourselfto houseboats cruise in Kumarakom.Your houseboat journey or any Kerala houseboat packages bought from the any leadingbackwaters tour operator cannot be completed until you visit to Alleppey town which islovingly called as “Venice of East’. The backwater destination in Alleppey is very serene andthe most picturesque and can explore the nature at its best from here. The tourists here teemdue to Alleppey houseboats cruise which is very exciting. The journey takes the visitors tothe world of serenity where nature and peace are in abundant.The houseboats in Kerala are mobile home, which are often seen floating over the placidbackwaters. As you enroll yourself to the houseboat journey and see it passes through natural
  2. 2. landscapes, scenic villages and natural landscape that brings inner happiness and joy andmakes the cruise truly an exhilarating experience.So it is advisable if you want to see the true beauty of Kerala, plan for backwater tour availingone from the many best Kerala backwater tour operators. This tour will truly offer youmemorable experience in your lifetime. Houseboats Kerala Tours on Visit to KeralaKerala is one of the sought after tours and travel destination in India. It is amazingly beautifuland so the scores of tourists from across the world come to this state to enjoy vacations totreasure some great moments to relish in forever. It is true that Kerala is amazingly beautifuland has scores of tourist attractions but among all, the beauty of the houseboats Kerala andthe pristine backwaters dotted by the swaying coconut trees and evergreen surrounding makeit an ideal gateway for perfect vacations.Kerala backwaters are the heart of state tourism and it is often calculated that the stateeconomy is highly boosted by the Kerala backwater tourism. Truly said that there arebackwaters and there exists Kerala and when you visit this beautiful state you can see the liveimages that are so wonderful and captivating that will rapt you with their charm and beautyand on top the incredible serenity which is much needs for special vacations like honeymoon.The beauty and splendor of what we call backwater magnet huge number of tourists fromacross the world. So if you want to enjoy peaceful moments away from the hustle and bustleof the city life, then book the tailor made kerala houseboat packages from the leading touroperator for a backwater journey. From the houseboat cruise in Alleppey or in Kuttanad or inKasargod, or in Kollam or booking of kumarakom houseboats for cruise, tour operators takecare of all needs and offer wonderful experince of holidaying on a houseboat of Kerala. Theharmonious blend of the traditional charm and modern facilities truly make the backwatertours heavenly and memorable that leave unforgettable experience on the mind of the touristsmaking them to visit the state now and then.Come and experince the heart stirring beauty of Kerala with houseboat journey and take backhome lots of remarkable memories to relish in forever.Find more information for Kerala Houseboat Tours and Kerala houseboatsat