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SEOPressor Plugin Simplifies On Page Optimization


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SEOPressor Plugin Simplifies On Page Optimization

  1. 1. SEOPressor Plugin Simplifies On Page OptimizationSEOPressor PluginSEOPressor plugin is one of the most well-known WordPress plugins in the world of SEO.Since its debut the plugin has been the backbone of more than 15 million wordpress pages.This is a very impressive number as not many WordPress plugin can pride itself in suchpopularity. The sheer number of users of this plugin shouts clearly of its high demand andeffectiveness. From the user point of view, SEOPressor plugin truly simplifies the task of onpage optimization.In this post I am going to reveal to you how simple and easy it is to optimize your WordPresspost with the SEOPressor plugin. The simplicity of this plugin makes it easy for new users toutilize it without any steep learning curve. This can be a very attractive feature and benefit forusers who are just starting out their WordPress blogs. The new users do not have to study anyelaborate volume of manual in order to have a post optimized. Some similar plugins in themarket try to accommodate too many features that they become complicated to the new users.It could be a very frustrating experience if a plugin becomes too clunky and takes too much timeto learn. With SEOPressor plugin, you do not have such problems to overcome. SEOPressor Plugin Makes On Page SEO 1/3
  2. 2. EasyIf you take a close look at the SEOPressor plugin interface (the picture on the left), you willimmediately notice its simplicity and clarity. First of all, you need to enter the keyword you aretrying to optimize your post for in the box provided at the top. Once you have done that, you willsee a Score indicator which changes as you makes changes to your post. If you want to see anupdated score, you will need to click ‘Save Draft’ for the plugin to update the score. A fullyoptimized post will have a score of 100% displayed in the SEOPressor plugin.The next parameter in the SEOPressor plugin is the ‘Keyword Density’ in percentage. This willindicate clearly to you the percentage of your keyword in the post. The SEOPressor plugin hasa default keyword density range of 2% to 5%. If the keyword density falls out of this range, thescore will go down.Below the Keyword Density, the SEOPressor plugin lists the various parameters to be optimizedin your post. The list include indicators on H1 to H3 tags, formatting of your keyword (bold,italics and underline), image ALT tag, whether more words will be needed, internal links as wellas external link. Can you see how simple the SEOPressor plugin interface is? All theparameters are laid out clearly and you can easily see which are the parameters you need totweak or adjust to get your post optimized.On Page SEO Without SEOPressorImagine now you are going to optimize your post without SEOPressor plugin. You will need toestimate your keyword density. That itself is probably overwhelming for the newbies who arejust starting to learn about on page optimization. If you are just a casual blogger and don’treally care whether your post ranks high or not in the search engine, you will do fine without theSEOPressor plugin. But if you are serious about ranking high in the search engine andpromoting some services or products through your website, you will be hard pressed to getmany visitors coming in from organic searches.Internet marketers who make a living off the website are focused on producing quality contentthat provide value to visitors. Rather than wasting time on the mechanics of on page SEO,plugins like SEOPressor plugin will save a lot of valuable time for other more profit-generatingactivities. Most newbies tend to focus too much on the non-profitable tasks which take up toomuch of an internet marketer’s time. It is wise to take care of the mundane tasks withautomation, software, tool or plugin. That way, you can really concentrate on producing goodand useful content for your visitors. Only by providing quality content will you be able to retainyour visitors and attract them to return for more useful information.Once you start to use SEOPressor plugin for your posts, you will soon realize how powerful this 2/3
  3. 3. WordPress plugin is in giving your posts a solid foundation for search engine robot to crawl your content. And once you experience the ease and simplicity of using the SEOPressor plugin, you will find that you need no more than a couple of minutes to complete your on page SEO. That is not only my personal experience with the SEOPressor, it is also the experience of many loyal users of the plugin. Take a look for yourself the SEOPressor by visiting the official website of the plugin here. Filed under SEOPressor Plugin. Find out more 3/3Powered by TCPDF (